Vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4520: a review, specifications, instruction, features and reviews

The Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner is a budget option, it is used for dry cleaning. The sale came a few years ago, so I already had a good reputation as a fairly good unit. According to the characteristics that the manufacturer offers, its power is at an average level, but in fact it sucks in dust so forcefully that it is sometimes difficult to move the brush. The case is lightweight, small in size, has a nice appearance. Container for dust from plastic, so with cleaning from dirt do not have to bother.

A small price, of course, alludes to the fact that the Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner also has disadvantages. For example, the hose is soft, so it can be deformed after a while with careless use. Filters and a dust collector after each cleaning should be washed at once, because they are dirty instantly.

More details about the device, its advantages, disadvantages, price and feedback can be found below. The article also describes how to disassemble the vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4520.


A conventional vacuum cleaner designed for dry cleaning. It consumes 1600 watts of electricity, suction power - 350 watts. There is no bag, as a dust receptacle used plastic capacity of 1.3 liters. There is no power controller.

The pipe that sucks in the garbage is compound. There are two brushes in the set: for floor and carpet.

The device weighs 4.3 kg. The width of the vacuum cleaner is 24 cm, the depth is 40 cm, and the height is 28 cm.


The described vacuum cleaner, which is a device for cleaning dust and small debris, can not be called multifunctional. Suction power is good. This indicator is at an average level, but for a budget option - quite a distinctive plus.

On the body of the device there are only two buttons that are responsible for turning the unit on and off. Indicators, no display. To reduce power, you can open the valve on the hose.

One of the brushes, which is included, is suitable for both carpet and smooth floors. However, buyers complain that the bristles are small in order to collect all the hair and wool, will have to try hard. The second brush perfectly copes with the duties, thanks to it it is possible to vacuum through a case or a refrigerator.


The Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner, reviewed below, has a modest bundle. However, this is quite expected, given the low cost of the device. What does the manufacturer put in the box, except for the vacuum cleaner?

There are:

  • Three filters: pre-engine, engine and output.
  • Instructions.
  • Hose.
  • Dust collector (plastic, looks like a container).
  • Two brushes: basic for carpets and floors, additional to collect dust in hard-to-reach places.
  • A pipe that is designed for suction.


Vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4520, the price of which varies in the range of $ 100-110, is quite simple, if it concerns service. In order to wash the parts, it is necessary to disassemble the appliance. It's easy enough. The dust bag is pulled out using the handle. And it should be noted that when it is extracted, garbage does not fall out from all sides - it is rammed along the walls. Under the container, you can find two filters: pre-engine and engine. The output is at the back of the compartment. Disassembly of the vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4520 in a larger version (before the engine) is described a little lower.

The dust bag can easily be washed if it is heavily soiled. The same is done with the premotor filter. Others can not be washed. But before returning to the vacuum cleaner, all parts must be dried.

Difficulties in servicing the device consist in the fact that the dust collector is designed for only 1.3 liters, so it will have to be cleaned every time after cleaning. If this is not done often, the device will not perform its functions well. Brushing is also necessary.

Quality of cleaning

Each filter for the Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner plays a huge role in the operation of the device. They function perfectly: direct duties, according to the owners of such an assembly, the technique performs well.

Due to its powerful power, the vacuum cleaner easily draws in all the garbage. Consumers often encounter the fact that the brush "sticks" to the carpet, and it is difficult to move it. It is best to purchase an additional device with a good pile, because the "native" sometimes can not cope with the removal of hair and wool from carpets, especially with carpet.

Design and construction of the vacuum cleaner

Design is the strongest side of the vacuum cleaner of this model. Weighs only 4.3 kg. The body is made of plastic, which is an advantage to some extent, since fingerprints do not appear. On the panel you can see a black coating on which the name of the manufacturer flaunts and the maximum power is indicated. The power button is easy to find at the junction with the rear wall. In the center of the black panel is the button for winding the cord. There is a handle on the plastic container, but for it to carry the vacuum cleaner Samsung SC4520 (feedback about the device - direct confirmation of that) can not.

The device is equipped with three wheels. Thanks to them the unit has good maneuverability and, judging by the reviews, seldom falls on its side when driving. It should be borne in mind that the wheels are made of plastic, not rubber.

Weak places of the vacuum cleaner can be called a hose and a pipe. The latter is a design of two small tubes inserted one into the other. If we talk about telescopic options, which are installed on all more expensive models, in this case it is a big flaw. Under its growth, the consumer will no longer fit the pipe. The hose is too soft, often bends, thereby blocking the flow of air.

The unit can be stored both in assembled and disassembled form. In the stores there are two color solutions: the Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner is white and blue.


Although the vacuum cleaner performs its duties at an average level, does not have a lot of brushes in its kit, nor is it capable of "boasting" functionality, it is still one of the best in its price category. Compact, light, with a convenient dust collector and suction power, with a long cord. On average, the device consumes about 1600 W, the noise reaches 82 dB.

How to disassemble the device?

If it is necessary to disassemble the instrument, look through the operation manual: the manufacturer has described in detail how to do this in the manual. However, if there is no possibility to study the information, then pay attention to the algorithm of the whole process described below.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Pull out the dust bag.
  2. Remove the screws from the front of the case.
  3. On the back of the vacuum cleaner under the film you can find the hidden bolt, it must also be removed.
  4. Remove the cover.
  5. Disconnect the terminals. Remove the top panel. Under it there will be an engine.

And then you need to act on the basis for what, in fact, the Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner was dismantled.


Mistresses talk about the strong power of the device. Many agree that the carpet literally "sticks" to the brush. This is definitely a plus. In the chamber, the dust is compressed, so that it does not settle on the walls. Due to this technology, it is easier to clean the container of debris. To wash the camera and other compartments, it will be enough to use running water, no special tools will be needed.

Buyers note the excellent assembly, nice appearance, compact size of equipment. According to some, the hose is slightly sluggish, which causes minor inconveniences. But you can get used to it.

Consumers say that the Samsung SC4520 vacuum cleaner is very noisy, but others who bought this device, on the contrary, talk about the standard level of sound. "It is not louder than any technique of this class" - you can often find such statements on the forums. To the disadvantages, buyers consider the absence of a power regulator. But you can control the flow by using a special hole on the handle. It looks like an ordinary valve, which was previously installed on vacuum cleaners of old models. It is he who is responsible for regulating the flow of air. A bit flimsy, according to many, looks like hose fastening.

The result

In general, the vacuum cleaner is good enough for its price category. It should be noted ease of use, strong power of work. The design is minimalistic, there are no unnecessary details. However, and those that would not interfere, too, no. This is a lever to adjust the suction power. However, for those people who just need to quickly vacuum and set the device off for a week, it will work fine.

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