Mobile feed mills: description, technological process

Progress slowly but surely penetrates all spheres of human activity. Even such a conservative field as agriculture can not now be imagined without modern technology. One of the innovations in this area is mobile feed mills. Having appeared on the territory of the CIS relatively recently, they managed to win recognition and approval of the people, proved themselves as highly productive and economical equipment that solves many problems of agriculture.

What it is?

Mobile feed mills are equipment for making feeds, as well as additives enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals for all types of farm animals and poultry. They are characterized by high profitability, easy operation and reliability, which have been demonstrated in a large number of livestock organizations in the CIS.

According to its design, the mobile feed mill (MKZ) is a specific set of units installed on the chassis of a truck-type vehicle . This mobile unit carries out a full list of procedures for preparing a substrate for the cultivation of farm animals and birds. MKZ grinds and flattens grain products, adds the necessary additional components according to the recipe, mixes and homogenizes all components and unloads the finished feed.

Features of the device MKZ

Mobile feed mill MKZ-3214 is a model of 2014, mounted on a biaxial truck chassis. The productivity of this equipment is from 10 to 15 tons of product per hour. The complete set includes:

  • V-shaped Mercedes OM501LA diesel engine with water cooled, six-cylinder 260 kW, 1600 rpm with the fuel separator installed;
  • Rotary blower with noise silencers and thermoregulation;
  • A high-capacity magnetic separator mounted on a suction feeder;
  • A hammer mill of high-alloyed steel with a capacity of 25 t / h with a sieve area of 0.85 m 2 (both wire and round-perforated screens can be used, which can be easily replaced);
  • Mixer with a volume of 4 tons of durable and light alloy, equipped with a hammer-type pneumatic vibrator for unloading the mixture, a sampling device for quality control of the plant and an apparatus for introducing oil ingredients;
  • A special system for dosing oil in feed with a dispenser, a meter, a level meter and a heater;
  • Filter for air purification;
  • Scales with strain gauges;
  • Central control panel with master and signaling device;
  • N / w tray for the task of additional components with pneumatic drive, vibrating unloading device and bag lift;
  • Additional weight indicator;
  • Blown double-barrel unloading hose with hydraulic control and the possibility of extending the length to 2 m;
  • Sheathing and soundproofing.

Standard equipment and individual features

The MKZ is also equipped with floodlights for the cabin and territory. The installation is coated with an anti-corrosion compound and acrylic paint. The cost of the kit includes a standard set of tools: sieves for the hammer crusher ø3-8 mm (5 pcs.); A cyclone with a clutch; Set of hammers spare; Cover for the premix tray; Grain pistol; Aluminum discharge extender; Pneumatic gun; A lubricating syringe; A set of tools of 118 items; Feeder for liquid components; Fire extinguisher and grounding. At the request of the customer, mobile feed mills can be equipped with a roller conditioner for the preparation of grain, maize and peas with a capacity of 12-20 t / h. The main equipment can be installed on the chassis of a truck, on a semi-trailer, and a stationary model is also offered.

Where is this equipment manufactured?

For the first time mobile feed mills in Germany appeared in the last century, about 40 years ago, and now thousands of such plants operate in Europe. The company Tropper Mashinen, the foremost in this direction, delivers its equipment to 20 countries around the world. Mobile feed mills are indispensable for organizing or increasing agricultural production with the least investment of capital and maximum efficiency. This is confirmed by many years of practice.

Since December 2007, the company "Mobile Feed Mills" LLC with the head office in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus, has been producing equipment for the production of nutrient mixtures for livestock and poultry. This company began its activity with the production of grain feeds used in agriculture. In the course of the work, the management has faced the problems existing in this industry. The farmer is forced to independently transport grain products to the crusher, then load them on transport and carry them to their farm, bearing significant financial costs, passing through bureaucratic red tape, temporary delay. These factors affect the cost of fodder, significantly increasing the price and reducing the quality of the product.

Innovator in the manufacture of agricultural machinery

Later at the enterprise it was decided to introduce the production of mobile feed mills and their adaptation to the specifics of operation in the territory of the CIS. For seven years of work, about 40 units were shipped. The enterprise of the LLC "Mobile Feed Mills" of Belarus not only deals with the production and supply of equipment, but also carries out commissioning, performs warranty and technical maintenance of devices.

What are the benefits of using the MKZ?

Mobile feed mills are currently gaining popularity in the corresponding economic cluster of the CIS countries. This can be explained by the undeniable advantages of using these mobile units.

First, the MKZ allows the business owner to significantly reduce the cost of producing mixed fodder. To obtain 1 ton of product, it will take no more than 3.5 liters of diesel fuel. It's enough to spend one time on purchasing a MKZ and then you do not have to pay for the transportation of grain products, for storage and processing, and for delivering the final product. Losses of raw materials and mixed fodder are excluded in view of absence of necessity of its transportation.

Secondly, the mobile feed mill does not need to invest money for assembly, assembly and commissioning. The device is delivered to the site in a ready-to-operate form and immediately can be used for the intended purpose. The installation requires one or two people, which is also a great advantage.

Thirdly, with a low fuel consumption, the MKZ has a high productivity - up to 15 tons per hour.

Fourth, the installation is completely mobile. There are two ways to use MKZ - making mixed fodder in stationary conditions or setting up a business to provide relevant services with a visit to a particular farm.

Bonuses for using the MKP

An additional advantage of using these plants is the ability to control the quality of grinding of grain products. The owner of the plant can easily change the recipe, introduce additional ingredients at its discretion, including oil components. The presence of accurate scales in the apparatus allows you to account for the raw materials used and the yield of the final product. The combination of all these factors makes it easy to explain that mobile feed mills in Russia are gaining popularity and have great potential for widespread and widespread adoption in the agricultural sector of the country.

Who benefits from using the MKZ?

The use of these devices is beneficial to both small and large agricultural objects. If the farm is small, it will be most beneficial to use the services of the MKZ as necessary several times during the month. This will be enough to get fresh mixed fodder for the needs of the agricultural unit.

In the case when the level of farming can be attributed to the average or higher, its requirements for providing livestock and poultry feed are already 500-1000 tons per month. In the presence of such circumstances, there is a need to purchase the MCH for personal use. This device is convenient in that it does not just produce ready-mixed feed, but it also has all the necessary technical equipment for unloading it directly into the hopper. This allows you to save considerably on transportation and transportation of feed.

What do users of this equipment say?

MKZ is successfully used in Belarus and Russia and has a lot of positive feedback from consumers. Heads of farms note that these plants are easy to maintain, significantly reduce the cost of feed, quickly pay for themselves, are carried out with a large margin of safety, they allow you to get the highest quality feedstuffs and at the time when it is needed. In addition, consumers place emphasis on the fact that animals get more nutrients and vitamins with such always fresh food, they get less sick and get better weight. Thus, the productivity of the farm increases, it becomes possible to reduce the cost of manufactured products, to make its price competitive. Little of. The quality of the units is so excellent that today you can find a huge amount of real positive feedback even from those who bought a mobile feed mill used.

In conclusion, I would like to note that the introduction of proven advanced technologies in our country's agriculture can significantly improve the economic performance of our country and raise this sector to an unprecedented level.

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