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Red actresses: ice and flame in one "bottle"

Red-haired beauties immediately attract attention, wherever they appear. They are admired or hated. Nobody remains indifferent. What is the cause of this effect? Understand the nature of this phenomenon will help the red-haired actress. They know too many people, so everyone can make their verdict, agree or disagree with the conclusions.

Red actresses of Russia

When Yanina Bugrova appears on the screen (the sultry housewife from the series "Happy Together", the wife of the prefect from the second film "Pyatnitsky", a bandinger from the "Lonely Wolf"), the beating of men's hearts becomes more frequent. It's not very important what the heroine is talking about and what she is doing, the main thing is to make it as long as possible in the frame ...

Undeniably, the red Russian actresses are incredibly talented. Amalia Mordvinova in each role is dazzling and unique. Her images (the main character of the series "Hunting for Cinderella" and others) only confirm the legend of the redheads - their temperament, pressure and energy are subject only to strong men.

Hair color did not endow Veronica Agapov with bitchiness, possibly as an exception, confirming the rule. The images of her heroines (for example, Lera in the film "Not a Female Game", a classmate of the main character in the series "Love as Love") are gentle, romantic and very charming.

"The most charming and attractive" since the era of Soviet cinema was and remains Irina Muraveva. Fluttering and bright heroine of the movie "Moscow does not believe in tears," the viewer still loves.

Actress and pop singer Tatiana Abramova conquers the man's hearts not only with a bewitching voice, but also with her direct sincerity, homeliness and soft femininity.

"The Ideal Wife", "Yellow Dwarf", "Friday, 12" - Elena Biryukova did not "play" roles. The images of her heroines are the verge of the character of the actress herself. Bright and irresistible - this can only be fiery-haired!

Red actresses of Hollywood

At one time, Rachel Hurd-Wood dreamed of becoming a marine biologist, but the filmmakers of the film industry did not let talent dissolve in the underwater realm. Fiery hair color she inherited from her father, a native of Ireland, Philip Hurd-Wood. For a long time the girl got the dramatic roles of a victim or exile, but in the movie "Tomorrow, when the war began," this stereotype was destroyed.

In fairness, I must say that Christina Hendricks was born blonde. But she dyed her hair in red when she was only 10 years old! She always loved redheads like Tina Louise, who played the role of Ginger Grant in Gilligan Island. Christina herself still dreams about playing Ginger.

Alicia Witt first appeared on the screen at the age of seven in the David Lynch show. Then the girl concentrated on school and music. After their graduation, David remembered the golden-haired talented girl and invited her to shoot the legendary film Twin Peaks. Since that moment, the directors have been lining up to invite Alicia to film her film.

Career takeoff Alison Hannigan began when she got a role in the TV series "The Vampire Slayer", but her popularity just exploded when she starred in the series "American Pie". Since then, she is constantly in the field of view of TV and cameras.

Gillian Anderson public became widely known as special agent Dan Scully. And since then it is considered one of the most sultry women on television.

Amy Adams, no doubt, a good actress, because she was nominated three times for the Golden Globe Award. Her list of nominations and victories includes many other awards, one thing is clear that it will only be replenished. The actress is waiting for a long and successful career.

Who is brighter?

Needless to argue, whose red actresses are more colorful - Russia or Hollywood, their fiery aura will not allow them to respond subjectively. Moreover, there is an actress who combined these two concepts in one person. Who is she? Natalia Rudakova! Could there be anybody brighter? Although she is a Hollywood actress, she was born in St. Petersburg.

The Riddle of Goldilocks

All these red-haired actresses are incredibly talented. Nature marked them with gold hair, so that the gift does not go unnoticed. That's revealed their secret! Seeing this label, people often envy them. Most with admiration, some with irritation. The main thing is that the red actresses bear their burden in a royal way. And we have to admire them, admire and take an example!

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