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Who is a supervisor?

Who is a supervisor? This is the head of the middle link, with a subordination of two to twenty people. Supervisor can be any representative of average management personnel, but preference is given to candidates with a higher or special and sociological education.

Knowledge of sociology is necessary for him in order to be able to find contact with any employee, show his qualities as a mentor, leader, so that a small team knows the plan of action in a particular situation. Therefore, the supervisor must have all the skills and abilities that subordinates have to teach newcomers and show how to perform this or that action. Also, this specialist can test employees and issue a written report on the prospects and qualifications of a particular employee.

Who is a supervisor? In the Russian mode, this is the "foreman", who performs the alignment of employees, the distribution of work, initial training and assessment of qualifications.

Who is a supervisor? It is an employee performing many functions. Job description of the supervisor :

1. Bringing to the attention of the employees of the tasks assigned to them, checking their readiness to solve various issues, the distribution of areas of activity.

2. Adjustment of employment of personnel, appointment of employees to perform certain tasks.

3. Organization of employee interchangeability.

4. Determination of the priorities and priorities for the fulfillment of the assigned tasks.

5. Ensuring control and constant monitoring of compliance with the schedule of work by staff, its placement according to the staff schedule.

6. Verification of the provision of personnel with material, technical and other necessary resources.

7. Taking measures to eliminate, as well as prevent conflicts in the team.

8. Evaluation of the quality level of each employee's work, rational use of working time. Supervisor promoters, for example, can arrive without warning to the place where the last distribute leaflets, in order to check their presence, as well as to assess their behavior and interaction with people.

9. Assessing the balance and loyalty of employees, determining the degree of confidence in them.

10. The presence of workers in contact with customers, monitoring the working behavior of colleagues, eliminating errors and recommendations on this process.

11. Distribution of instructions to employees in accordance with their temperament.

12. Checking the working skills of staff.

13. Taking measures to replace employees in cases that may lead to bad consequences for the firm, control over the appearance of work in an adequate condition.

14. Identification of ways and means of applying the system of incentives and penalties.

15. Talking with staff, finding out the reasons for the inadequate work and joint selection of options for answering these questions.

16. Organization of personal mentoring and training courses for backward workers in case they can not cope with the tasks themselves. With negative results of training, the direction for dismissal for non-compliance with the position held.

17. Determination of criteria for the requirements of candidates and participation in their selection.

18. Giving information about the company to newly-admitted employees, this is necessary for the adaptation of the person in the team. The supervisor acquaints himself with the conditions and basic principles of the enterprise.

19. Preparation of reports on the readiness of specific employees to perform certain tasks, as well as on the results of employees' work.

21. Preparation of reports on the quality of work performed by subordinates, on the performance of assigned tasks, and on the reasons that led to the disruption of the implementation of plans.

22. In appropriate cases, the duties of individual employees.

Now you know who the supervisor is.

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