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TV Haier LE24B8000T: reviews, features, technical specifications

In recent years, TVs have progressed at an incredibly fast pace. It would seem, even very recently they were massive, convex and not very comfortable. Now they have a huge screen diagonal, but remain extremely thin, while gaining more and more new features. In this article, we will talk about the TV Haier LE24B8000T, reviews about which on the network are almost universally positive. What are the features of this model that distinguish it from the others? What technical characteristics does the Haier LE24B8000T TV have? User reviews highlight the positive and negative aspects of this model - what are they? You will learn all this from this article.


The Haier LE24B8000T is one of the newest models, which does not differ in size and size, but at the same time it is ideal for its price and functionality category. The diameter of the screen is 24 inches (or 60 centimeters) - of course, in recent years, TVs are already producing with diagonals of two and even three times larger, but if you want to watch your favorite show in the kitchen or in a small room, then this choice will be the best. Another feature is the ultra slim design of Slim LED - this means that this model has a thickness smaller than the usual picture that you hang on the wall, but it does not lose functionality. Moreover, it also has an extremely narrow frame, correspondingly, it looks more stylish. It also has a low weight, so it can easily be hung on the wall where it will be convenient for you. Also available is a USB connector that allows you to watch compatible third-party video files, as well as use the delayed start function - you can easily record your favorite transfer to an external medium, and then watch it when you have time. All these possibilities are provided by the TV Haier LE24B8000T. The review, of course, does not end there - you still have a lot to learn about this model.

Digital tuner

Special attention should be paid to the fact that this TV model comes with a digital TV tuner, that is, you do not need to purchase any additional equipment - you can immediately start enjoying watching digital television in the highest quality. And even if you want to make a paid subscription to any channels, then you do not need to purchase a separate decoder to view them. This TV has Cl + function, which allows you to connect to paid channels without using an additional decoder.


What is technically the TV Haier LE24B8000T? The characteristics of this model will surprise you, because, despite the small size, this device is extremely functional. This is a LED TV that is capable of displaying video as an HDTV, and the optimal resolution is 1366 by 768. This TV has five different image modes, among which there is also a configurable widescreen mode. On the rear panel there is a wide variety of connectors, from two HDMI and SCART to USB and standard composite input and output. Also worth paying attention to a number of various built-in functions, such as screen clocks, several different timers, parental control and much more.


About the TV Haier LE24B8000T reviews in the majority can be found positive. Naturally, one of the biggest advantages is the low price of the device - on average it can be purchased for only ten thousand rubles. At the same time, people note that it is equipped with an excellent digital tuner, it can be quickly and easily adjusted, the brightness of the screen is impressive in the same way as large viewing angles. Many also note the high quality of sound. All this speaks in favor of buying a TV Haier LE24B8000T - reviews about it, however, may be subjective, so you better test it initially in the store to make sure that this is exactly what you need. There are, of course, disadvantages, which, however, do not significantly affect the final rating - they only reduce it from 5 to 4. And these minor disadvantages - someone clicks the buttons loudly, someone has problems with image reconfiguration , And someone complains about the non-standard small depth of thread for screws on the wall.

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