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How to pump up your breasts due to push-ups

Many people simply dream of an ideal figure. But to fully open this topic in one article does not work, because it takes too much time. In this article, we will talk about the muscles of the chest. It's no secret that in the modern world, many people are interested in the question of how to pump up the chest with push-ups. For this, there are a number of specific exercises with which you can achieve the goal.

Types of existing push-ups

1. Jumper push-ups . These push-ups are performed with a small height, about fifteen centimeters with two supports. You need to put your hands on the support, bend your elbows slightly, make a small jump to land on the supports again. With this type of push-ups, not only the chest is inflated, but the vestibular apparatus also develops well.

2. Wide push-ups . In order to pump the chest, many often use this type of push-ups. This technique is quite common. When performing this type of exercise, external pectoral muscles are well pumped. The technique is carried out by placing hands on as wide a distance as possible.

3. Narrow push-ups . This exercise is carried out, on the contrary, with the setting of hands at a minimal distance from each other. To do push-ups in this situation, you must put your hands at the closest possible distance, your thumbs should be in contact. This exercise helps to develop an internal group of pectoral muscles.

4. Inclined push-ups . With the help of this exercise, you can pump up the chest, namely certain parts of it. For execution you will need a small bench. There are two types of push-ups with a slope: pushing the head up and pushing the head down. The placement of hands during these exercises should be more than the width of the shoulders.

5. Plyometric push-ups . These exercises will be useful to those people who want not only to pump up the chest, but to develop strength and improve the general condition of the body. To perform exercises of this kind it is necessary to tear off with jerky movements so that the body for a few seconds turns out to be in the air without support. It is necessary to make cotton by hand, when taking the starting position, you need to press the body slightly to the floor.

6. Push-ups from the knees . For this type of exercise, you need to put something soft under your knees. Next, take the initial position and make sure that the head and spine are at the same level. Then you should start the standard push-ups. This kind of exercise is good for those who want to pump up their breasts in a short time.

7. Standard push-ups from the floor . In order to proceed to exercises of this kind, it is necessary to take the right position: the arms should be placed slightly wider than the shoulders, the head should form one line with the spine. The main load these exercises give on the middle muscles of the chest.


Now you know how to pump up the chest and shoulders with a fairly simple set of exercises. It remains only to note that the approach to performing push-ups should be regular. Otherwise, nothing good can be achieved. Good luck in your self-improvement!

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