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Simple exercises to clean the stomach.

Women always try to take care of their beauty and look as attractive as possible. How many tedious and unpleasant procedures have to endure them in pursuit of achieving the ideal. But it's worth it. After all, you will agree that admiring men's views fully compensate for all those inconveniences that the persistent sex must endure so persistently.

A special subject of women's pride is a thin waist and a flat stomach. It is good for those whom nature generously endowed with ideal parameters. Otherwise, it will take a lot to try to achieve the desired result and perform special exercises to clean the stomach. So - make it more flat and attractive.

What should I do to remove my stomach?

If you seriously decided to get a thin aspen waist and an attractive flat tummy, then you should not look for easy ways. They do not exist. And do not give in to advertising tricks, which promise unthinkable results in the absence of even the slightest physical exertion. Without doing exercises, you can remove the stomach, either by applying plastic, or by spending a lot of money to visit massage and beauty parlors. But these methods can not be called simple, and inexpensive - even more so.

Even supporters of different diets do not always manage to get rid of the hated tummy. After the termination of a diet the lost kgs promptly come back, and the stomach without due trainings can become flabby and "please" also with the appearance of stretch marks. Therefore, you need not only to eat properly, but also to perform exercises to clean the stomach.

There are two golden rules that make the tummy beautiful:

- remove all fat deposits in the waist area;

- Put in order the muscles of the abdomen.

If fat burning is required to properly build a diet and perform, for example, a vacuum or water massage, then maintaining and pumping muscles are possible only with the help of a set of correctly selected exercises.

The main exercises to clean the abdomen, are designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles. But do not think that you can only limit the banal body rises and thereby acquire a beautiful and elastic stomach. Work should not only upper, but also lower, as well as oblique abdominal muscles.

Exercise to strengthen the upper press

It is the upper press to pump most easily. In the supine position it is necessary, without lifting the knees bent at the knees from the floor, to raise the body upwards. Perform 20 to 25 lifts in one approach. The slower you perform the exercise, the greater the strain will be felt by the muscles. But you need to keep a close eye on what would be the strain on your stomach. The muscles of the arms and legs should remain relaxed.

Exercises to clean the abdomen (for oblique muscles)

The first exercise is very similar to the action for pumping the upper press. But when lifting, the body should be raised not exactly, but touching the elbow, the opposite side of the knee. Those. The right elbow touches the left knee while climbing, and the left elbow touches the right knee.

A very good result is given by the slopes on the sides. 2-3 sets of 20 inclinations will help not only to make a flat stomach, but also reduce the waist.

Well, now we'll tell you how to clean the belly down.

It is the lower abdomen that most often becomes a problem. Lie down on the floor and bend your knees. Put the feet so that the big toes are tightly pressed against each other, and the heels are as far apart as possible. Now straighten your knees, without changing the position of your feet, and straighten them parallel to the floor. After a few seconds of holding, return the legs to their original position. Carefully watch that straining only the lower abdominal muscles. Exercise is necessary from 15 to 20 times.

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