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What is a monogram? How to draw a monogram?

At present, the ornate pattern of letters has become increasingly popular. It is used by enterprises as a brand or trademark. What is a monogram? This is a complicated and exquisitely intertwined capital letters of names or initials.

What is a monogram?

Earlier monograms were used by monarchs and aristocrats. These curls were decorated with family jewelry and luxury items, sealed secret letters and documents. Such monograms often decorated the coat of arms and printed on coins. Monogram monarchs very often included the initial letters of the name, number and title.

What is a monogram in the modern world? This is an elegant logo. Apply it for marking jewelry. Also a monogram can be used as a brand name and even can be legally effective. To do this, it must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Finding out what a monogram is, let's look at how to portray it.

How to draw?

Capital letters are combined into a single pattern using intricate curls. Next, we'll figure out how to draw a monogram with a pencil.

  1. We need a sheet of paper, an eraser, a pencil.
  2. Consider the location of the initial letters.
  3. If, in addition to the letters, an image of a crown, wreath or other object is intended, it is necessary to consider how the elements of the entire composition will be arranged. It is better to start sketching with these elements.
  4. Then you need to add the initial letters of the initials. It is recommended not to create an image, but to create a sketch with a rough thin line.
  5. It's time to round out the curls and highlight the texture. Think about what elements will look convex.
  6. At the end of the work, hover the contours, add volume and erase all the extra rough strokes.

So easy and simple you can draw a monogram. They can decorate the interior or simply hang in the form of an ornament in a frame on the wall.

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