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Search on the site through Google and Yandex. Site Search Script

The more your resource is updated with new information, the faster it will become necessary to introduce a structured convenient search. There are several options for how to do this. The first way is to use the built-in tools of your CMS. The second one is suitable for those who work on pure HTML - for this purpose a special HTML search script is written. And the third option, the most convenient, tested and, most importantly, suitable for any site - is a search on the site through the Google search engines or "Yandex". What are they and how are they created?

Search features through search engines

There are several reasonable reasons for using the search on the site through "Yandex" or Google:

  • The first point is that these are specialized search engines, and therefore, their algorithms should be trusted.
  • Secondly, the search engine gives clues, which means that it will be easier for the user to formulate his question and find the required one. The same principle takes into account spelling mistakes in words or accidentally switched keyboard. The usual form of search on the site HTML does not take into account, and the search will not be found.
  • The third important aspect is keeping statistics. When asked in Wordstat, "Yandex" gives us the frequency of a search query. According to these data, we know which keys to use when filling the site with texts, and can also analyze what the user is looking for, what is in demand, and what is not, what can be offered to a potential buyer, and so on.

There are among these undeniable advantages and one nuance. The updated information will be available to the user only after the crawler indexes the content. While the search engine "spider" does not reach it, the user will not be able to find it on the site. This indexing, depending on the position of the resource on the search ladder, can take quite a long time, up to several days.

Search for the site "Yandex"

The Russian-speaking giant Yandex offers website developers its own free search integration tool. It is quite convenient. In addition to taking into account the morphological features of the language - fixing errors, typos, searching the site through "Yandex" allows each word to specify a list of synonyms and add a drop-down prompt line. This will allow the user to more likely find what he needed.

The settings of this tool are very simple, you can select all the necessary parameters yourself. Plus, the tool has flexible settings for appearance and search elements, which will allow you to design it in the brand colors and style of the site.

It is possible to search not only text, but also images.

And the last, but not less important feature. Using the search on the "Yandex" site, you are automatically ranked by the system more often, which allows you to quickly advance into the top queries.

How to set search "Yandex"

Everything is simple, the main thing is that your site is added to "Yandex. Webmaster." Make it easy.

You need to go to "Yandex. Search on the site "and click" Set search ". Then fill in all the data that the system requires of you, including the name of the resource, e-mail and search requirements. There are clues in the form, so it's not difficult to figure out where to put the tick.

Then, the search appearance settings are made, it is indicated on which page it will be displayed. Added a preview for better orientation.

The next step is to check if the search works.

And if everything suits you, add it to your site by copying the service code.

Search Google

Unlike the search engine "Yandex", the search on the site through Google is a paid tool. But despite this, it is in great demand, especially among those who are trying to promote their resource in the TOP through this search engine. So, here's what the webmaster will receive for an average cost of about $ 100 per year:

  • Fully personalized appearance, including the ability to remove the Google logo and put your own, change the color, style, shape;
  • The ability to search in any language;
  • Change the order of issuing the results as you see fit;
  • Search with synonyms, allowing you to quickly find the user what he was looking for, even if the request was not formulated as specified on the site;
  • Indexing on demand, ie on any update you have the right to send a request to the robot, and it is indexed in minutes;
  • The ability to search across multiple sites;
  • Tracking statistics;
  • Earnings on the placement of advertising.

How to set up a search on Google

To install it on the site, you must go to the "Google Custom Search Engine", and then fill out the standard form. It is similar to the description in the chapter about "Yandex". Then you can select styles for the search line, colors, fonts, etc. And then copy the generated code and paste it into the body of the page where the search should be displayed.


For those who do not know how to do a search on the site in PHP and HTML, does not understand the intricacies of web programming and wants to get a quick, convenient, and most importantly, an effective way to find information, it's best to use special scripts from "Yandex" and Google . They are not only more adaptable for this function, but also help to effectively promote the resource in the top queries. The main thing here is to determine where you would like to see yourself higher - in the free "Yandex" or in Google, where you have to pay, but where there are great opportunities. For example, the ability to instantly index updated materials.

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