Bluetooth adapter: create freedom with your own hands

The presence of Bluetooth (English blue tooth) in modern devices has long been considered the norm. Almost all mobile devices are equipped with this kind of modules. Why do we need it, this Bluetooth is a question that any first-grader can easily answer today. A stationary PC, in contrast to laptops, netbooks and tablets, is equipped with "bluetooth technology" optional. The absence of this option is not an occasion to shed bitter tears over the pet's system unit. It is possible, using the Bluetooth adapter, within minutes to make available all the amenities that this technology provides its users.

How is this possible? This will be discussed in our review. But first a little history. Bluetooth technology is a way to transfer information, manage devices, connect multiple devices to a local network, and so on. All this can be done without using a wired connection. In the distant 2000, several companies first announced devices with this technology on board. At that point in time, it was just fantastic: file transfer without the help of wires was beyond understanding.

It took little more than ten years and bluetooth, as a technology for wireless data transmission, has become a familiar phenomenon. Headsets, headphones, keyboards, mice, printers, cameras, laptops - all these (and not only these) devices can now work and "communicate" with each other without the help of wires. Despite the fairly high age of technology, it still enjoys well-deserved demand and popularity among manufacturers and consumers. Undoubted advantages of the "blue tooth" can be called the stability of the work, the minimum impact of interference on the operation of devices, as well as the low cost of such equipment.

If the computer or laptop is suddenly not equipped with a Bluetooth module - this shortcoming can easily fix the Bluetooth adapter. And money for this you need very little. On average, for $ 5-10, you can buy a Bluetooth adapter that connects to a PC via a USB port. The miniature of some models allows using them as portable devices, they are almost invisible and do not cause any inconvenience. When there is a need to use Bluetooth - by light movement we insert the adapter into the USB port and ... everything, complete freedom from the ever-tangled wires.

What is required for the installation? Minimal set:

  • USB Bluetooth adapter;
  • Device driver and software for work (included);
  • Free USB port on computer / laptop.

The installation procedure is simple. A Bluetooth adapter is inserted into the USB port, and an installation disc is inserted into the drive. Run the installer. We agree with all proposals, we still continue the installation, even if "... the equipment was not tested ...". After the installation is completed, you need to check that the Bluetooth adapter is in the device list.

Now you can easily connect various devices with your PC, transfer and receive files, use a modem of a communicator or a mobile phone to access the Internet, which is very important in the absence of alternative options for accessing the Internet.

Among the competitors in the market of wireless connections, there are two trends: the gradual withdrawal from the infrared scene (IrDa) and the steadily growing popularity of the IEEE 802.11 standard (also Wi-Fi).

The transfer of information through the infrared port is losing its relevance - the devices should be only in the line of sight, the transmission speed is poor. Manufacturers almost ceased to install the infrared port in their devices. We can say that he successfully replaced Bluetooth.

Which is better, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi - the question is not worth it. These two wireless standards have been living peacefully for many years in a "civil marriage", sharing responsibilities. Wi-Fi is a local network and an Internet connection, Bluetooth - data transmission, Hands free, connect with a computer of various peripheral devices , etc. From this symbiosis to buyers one solid benefit - most devices with this sweet couple "on board" provide the maximum degree of freedom. By the way, you can install a Bluetooth adapter and a Wi-Fi module on your PC. But this is a completely different song ...

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