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Serums for face Its Skin. Reviews, types, efficiency

Technology in the production of Korean cosmetics at the moment is not inferior to technology in Korean electronics. They are very innovative and unique. The trend of Korean beauty is increasingly absorbing the world beauty market.

Cosmetics from South Korea have recently flooded the counters of many countries of the world, stands with these products in the departments of duty free collect large crowds of buyers than stands with luxury cosmetics and perfumes. Is this not recognition ?? Probably, it is necessary to begin to understand, what exactly is laying Koreans in their magic-cosmetic mixtures, that they become so miraculous on the skin?

Advantages of Korean cosmetics

The main advantage of Korean cosmetics is, of course, innovation and quality. All innovative products in the world market of skin care products were born in Korea and Japan. Hydrophilic oil, concentrated serums for the skin, tint for the lips, eye patches, night serums, snuff creams are just a small part of the newest products of the Korean industry.

In addition, Korean products have organic compounds. Many firms grow and prepare raw materials for their products on a separate volcanic island.

Company Its Skin. Reviews

One of the leaders of the Asian market is the firm It's Skin. The products of this company are already provided in many Russian retail chains. This is a big plus, because many Korean products are difficult to get in stores, they need to be ordered online on Korean trading floors. And the conversion of Won currency and translation of information from their unearthly language into Russian is an unprecedented adventure. Therefore, its Skin products have already become popular in the Russian market, many customers have already reviewed it.

Girls who correctly picked up the remedy for their type of skin, were very satisfied with the effect of serums.

Serum for face Its Skin

Serum is a concentrated agent consisting of 90% of the active ingredients. Unlike creams, where active ingredients in the composition contain 30-40%, serums are considered an "ambulance" for the skin. They help to solve global cosmetic problems: pigmentation, acne, dehydration, dilated pores. It should be borne in mind that such products carry not very soft effects on the skin, so they should be chosen very carefully. If you still choose from the range of Its Skin serum, reviews on them need to be collected carefully, soberly evaluate precisely their cosmetic problem.

Types of Serum Its Skin

In the range of the manufacturer in the It's Skin Power 10 Formula series there are more than ten kinds of serums designed to solve various aesthetic problems:

  1. VC Effector - serum for clarifying hyperpigmentation on the face. Everyone knows what a cult of pure white skin in East Asia, untouched by sunburn or, God forbid, pigmentation. For such problems and there is a serum for the face of Its Skin. Reviews about this serum are positive, the girls confirm its effectiveness. This product is the best selling in the entire line.
  2. WH Effector is another clarifying serum based on glycolic acid. Its action is even more global. Suitable only for insensitive skin.
  3. GF Effector - gives the skin a shock dose of moisturizing. Contains low-molecular hyaluronic acid. Serum is very versatile, suitable for all types of skin, Vedi hyaluronka is an indispensable component of the human dermis.
  4. WR Effector - serum with anti-aging effect, nourishes the skin, smooths the microrelief, gives elasticity. This is another star product of the company Its Skin. Reviews of middle-aged beauties confirm the powerful, albeit short-lived effect of this remedy.
  5. VB Effector is a remedy for fatty skin, it regulates the allocation of excess sebum. This is another bestseller It's Skin. Customer feedback confirms its effectiveness, especially in the summer.
  6. CO Effector - the serum gives the skin firmness. Contains marine collagen.
  7. PO Effector - makes the expanded pores already and unobtrusive. Porous skin is a problem for many girls. In addition, this is just the defect that is very difficult to eliminate even with the help of its Skin serum. Reviews about Skin Power 10 Formula PO Effector come across conflicting. The thing is that it does not completely eliminate the dilated pores. For a certain period the product helps to narrow them, but then the skin becomes rough again. It's all about the overproduction of sebum.
  8. YE Effector gives the skin a radiance, smooths out the tone, protects from the harmful effects of the environment. It is useful to use the course after stressful periods, after flights, examinations or holidays. Yes .. yes, prazniki - this is not stressful for celebrating, but for the skin this is an unprecedented extreme. The best gift for your face is the It's Skin serum course. Reviews about this serum are positive. However, it is not as popular as the previous ones.
  9. A similar effect is the serum LI Effector - serum for removing redness, removing gray facial.
  10. Q10 Effector - serum with coenzymes Q10 nourishes the skin, enriches it with nutrients. This tool is best used in the spring.

Its Skin green tea with green tea

What would it be for Asians, if they did not add green tea, even in cosmetics. Green tea has a proven positive effect on the skin. It has antibacterial and powerful antioxidant effect.

In the range of products of the company Its Skin is very popular line Its Skin Green Tea. Reviews about this product are mixed. Just because the ruler with green tea goes for normal skin, these products do not solve global problems, but they are ideal for daily use. It gently cleanses, tones and moisturizes the skin.

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