Radio market in Mitino: address, mode of operation

The modern radio market in Mitino is a colorful place since ancient times. The fan of electronics and everything else should visit him at least once. Convenient location of the access roads, endless selection of pavilions to your liking and a huge assortment of all kinds of domestic and foreign equipment are waiting for you.

A little bit about Mitino itself

Who would have thought, but now Mitino is the largest area of Moscow with an excellent ecological situation. Until the mid-eighties, it was only a village not connected with the capital. However, since the perestroika, the Mitino area has become a popular place for building high-rise buildings and retail areas. In 1995, the construction of the market in Mitino began, as people had to spend a considerable amount of personal time on trips to the center due to the remoteness of any infrastructures.

The radio market in the 90s

Due to the abundant structure of high-rise apartment houses, the Mitino area quickly gained popularity among Muscovites. The consequence of this was the population of a huge number of citizens, which means that the demand for goods and services in this place increased. Previous location of the market was Tushino, however, as it was previously said, since the mid-90s there is a radio market in Mitino. Assortment in those days for the person was all decent: mobile phones with auto-identification numbers, both domestic and foreign, military microcircuits, pirated video and audio equipment. In general, the market was represented at that time by self-made iron kiosks and tents made of tarpaulin.


In the early 2000s, the radio market in Mitino became the object of reconstruction. All trading objects of the market have been replaced by so-called tonards. This is a trailer for storing and transporting all kinds of goods. There was a name from the machine-building plant of the same name "Tonar". In parallel, the construction of the first and second phase of the market complex began. Originally built a shopping complex occupied an area of about 62,000 square meters. However, almost 26,000 square meters of this number was assigned to the parking lot. The management of the complex considered this action irrational, and therefore this area was spent on the construction of the basement, where there are places for trade.

The radio market in the 2000s

In the middle of the 2000s, the first and second stages with an area of about 27,000 square meters were put into operation. In 2007, a third stage with an area of 10,000 square meters was commissioned. In 2010, the radio market in Mitino, together with the site for development, was estimated by experts at almost $ 150 million.

At that time, the market was in great demand among consumers. All pavilions were completely occupied by tenants. Investor "Russian Gold" received revenue of more than $ 25 million per year. Currently, the radio market Mitino has not only trading pavilions, but also warehouses with an area of more than 5 thousand square meters, as well as own hotel for 91 rooms with an area of just over 4 thousand square meters. In the future, the management plans to build another housing for the sale of grocery items to the main trading area.

Assortment of radio market

The buyer will like the choice of all kinds of electronics. There are various brands of cameras, video cameras, accessories and mobile phones at the actual prices of both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Travel fans like the navigation equipment. Every day counters are filled with the latest and powerful computer technology, sound system, home theaters, interesting gadgets for work and at home.

Experienced buyers can always use the services of the famous electronics store Chip and Dip, located on the radio market in Mitino. There is an opportunity not only to buy, but also to repair! Experts will help to eliminate the breakdown of computers, mobile devices, household appliances and other electrical equipment in a matter of time. Another significant advantage is that most of the parts, both new and used, are sold here for an inexpensive price. Various accessories for gadgets and personal computers or unique models of smartphones - all this is rarely found in sufficient quantities in stores. The radio market in Mitino provides such an opportunity.

The buyers expect a large selection of products of all kinds of manufacturers, quality assurance, competent staff. There is an opportunity to relax in specially designated places after shopping.

How to get to the radio market in Mitino

Motorists will not make a huge effort to get to the shopping center. It is near it that there are several parking areas. For those who are used to getting on the subway or bus, there are good access roads.

If you go by car

It is not the best option to visit the Mitinsky Radio Market shopping complex on weekends. The car owner will find it difficult to find a free seat on the proposed parking areas, despite the fact that the number of seats is about 1400. Yet there arises a trivial question: how to get to the radio market in Mitino? If you decide to go from the center of the capital, then you need to go to Leningradsky Prospekt, then - along the Volokolamsk highway to the right congress on the so-called Pyatnitskoye highway. The radio market will be on the right side.

Yet there is another option! It is necessary to start traffic from the metro station "Skhodnenskaya" and finish it on Salomei Neris Street, then cross the MKAD. Next, go along Putilovskoe highway until you see on the left side of the building of the radio market. However, there are nuances! Moving from the south to the north, keep the direction along the inner ring of the Moscow Ring Road until the appropriate turn signal to the Mitino District and the exit to Pyatnitskoe Highway. The shopping center will be on the right side. If you still go from north to south, then use the choice of travel on the outer radius of the Moscow Ring Road. Minimize it will be possible at a turn on district Mitino.

Mitino radio market. How to get from the metro?

In order not to have to go to the shopping complex for a long time, it is necessary to keep the path from the metro station "Volokolamskaya" of the Arbat-Pokrovskaya line. The walk from the metro to the radio market takes literally 10-15 minutes.

  1. Exiting the metro, you need to cross the road and go left until you see the shopping center "Spas", reaching it, then turn right.
  2. Drive to the intersection with Pyatnitskoye Highway.
  3. Go to the underground passage to the radio market.

If you do not wish to walk to the shopping center, then use public transport. From the station "Volokolamskaya" bus number 252 goes, from the station "Tushinskaya" can be reached by buses № 904 and № 266. From the metro station "Mitino" bus number 266 goes. From the metro station "Pyatnickoe highway" can be reached by bus number 400t. The fare is 50 rubles.

How to get there from Riga train station

From this station it is possible to leave by train to the station "Knitwear". If you prefer leisurely walks, then from there walk to the shopping complex "Mitinsky radio market" - literally 1 kilometer. On the bus, you should take the 28th route. From the Volokolamsk highway there are numerous shuttle buses with numbers 468m, 17m, 117m, 456m, 479m.

How to get there from Kursk railway station

To the Kursk railway station, you can go by train, and then go down the metro and along the "Arbat-Pokrovskaya" line, go to the station "Volokolamskaya". The rest of the actions, how to get to the radio market of Mitino, are listed above. However, there is another option. From the Kursk railway station, you can take the train to Tushino station. Then choose either public transport at number 2, or the metro from the station "Tushinskaya" to the station "Volokolamskaya". The ticket price for the train is slightly more than 30 rubles, depending on the direction of the route.

How to get there by taxi

A relatively inexpensive and fast way to get to the Mitinsky Radio Market shopping complex is by taxi. From the metro station "Airport" goes transport number 456, from the "River Station" - № 451. The fare is about 30 rubles.

Mitino radio market: operating mode

The shopping complex is open to visitors daily. A huge number of services without queues offers a radio market Mitino. Opening hours: 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. There is no lunch break.

Scheme of the radio market Mitino

Using this information, you can easily find the pavilion you need. In the shopping complex there are several ATMs for withdrawing cash. You can also use the services of bank branches. In addition, there are beauty salons, dry cleaning and taxi services.

Thanks to convenient access roads, the goods can be delivered without any queues.

As it was said before, it will not be difficult to get to the radio market. The location is very convenient, there are many stops for transport. More than one thousand free parking spaces are offered by the Mitino radio market. The address of the complex: Moscow, Pyatnickoe highway, house 18.


For such a long time, the radio market in Mitino has become one of the popular places. In the modern market, he with dignity can withstand competition, increasingly attracting the client with favorable conditions.

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