Modern airport. Krasnoyarsk, "Emelyanovo"

The airport in Krasnoyarsk is an integral part of Siberia's air service. The history of its creation is extremely interesting.

Necessity of construction

The need for a modern airfield arose after the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War.

The object was commissioned in 1942. In three years the complex has considerably expanded - two runways, hangars, warehouses, garages have been constructed. There was also the evacuated Kharkov Aviation School. Workshops were used to repair damaged equipment.

In 1946 the airport was transformed into an airport. In 1954 the airport terminal was built.

The local lines were served by Il-14 and An-24 aircraft. On the "IL-18" it was possible to get to Moscow, Leningrad, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok and other large cities.

In the 1970s, the design of a new facility was started. Airport "Krasnoyarsk" was in the city line, in the middle of dense buildings and had no opportunities for expansion. The final closure took place in 1987. But before that time the airport "Krasnoyarsk" worked very fruitfully for the benefit of the inhabitants of the region. At the time of closing, he could take the most modern aircraft.

New airport

The opening of the new facility took place on October 25, 1980. The airport "Krasnoyarsk" received the construction with the name "Emelyanovo". The district in which the airport is located has a similar name. It is located twenty-six kilometers from the regional center.

The advanced infrastructure allowed to take supersonic "Tu-144". But due to low profitability of transportation the main in the state became "IL-86".

Recent history

During the transitional period of the early nineties, the airport experienced difficult times. But thanks to the well-coordinated work the team was able to continue its activities.

In 1993, the status of "international airport" was obtained. Krasnoyarsk became one of the first cities in the Russian Federation, who could host foreign vessels.

The terminal for the relevant transportation was put into operation in 2005.

In 2001, began a large-scale repair of the runway with a complete replacement of the cover, which lasted almost five years.

In addition, serious measures were taken to increase the material and technical base.

The successes of the airport could not go unnoticed. "Emelyanovo" becomes the base or hub for large airlines "North Wind", "Taimyr", "Pegas Fly", "KrasAvia."

The most dense cooperation with international freight company was built with the German company Lufthansa.

In 2012, the airport began servicing aircraft of the Boeing-747 and Boeing-777 type.

To date, the annual passenger flow has exceeded two million people.

The main internal areas: Moscow, Khabarovsk, Sochi, Norilsk, St. Petersburg, Novokuznetsk, Novosibirsk. International: Bangkok, Cam Ranh, Baku, Bishkek, Goa, Beijing.

Features of the object and general information

  • The number of runways - one. Material - reinforced asphalt concrete.
  • Infostruktta allows you to receive aircraft and helicopters of any class and mass, the building has a proud title - the airport. Krasnoyarsk can be justly proud of such an object.
  • To date, two passenger terminals have been put into operation. Also, one cargo is equipped with modern standards for the protection and storage of hazardous, radiation and perishable products.

  • There is a modern hangar complex and a system of light-signal equipment.
  • Over one hundred units of special equipment - tractors, snowplows, anti-icing, ladders, car lifts, buses.
  • Sixty nine parking lots for air.
  • A single-track railway line from the Trans-Siberian Railway was brought to the airport.
  • There are refueling complexes and food supply workshops.
  • The airport is of federal importance.
  • Bandwidth - for twelve takeoffs and landings of aircraft per hour.
  • 7 (391) 290-46-37 - reference airport.
  • Krasnoyarsk is a place where you can fly to almost any major city. The total area of the airport is almost six hundred hectares. Given the continuous development, this figure is constantly increasing.
  • On the territory of the airport there is a dispatch center with a height of sixty meters. The equipment meets international requirements.
  • There is parking for cars. Also there are ATMs, storage rooms, first-aid post, ticket offices and shops.
  • The hotel in the airport of Krasnoyarsk "Emelyanovo" is located directly on the territory, on the station square near terminal-1. Phone: +7 (391) 228-69-23.
  • You can get to the airport on the federal highway M53 by car or taxi.
  • Daily passenger shuttle bus №635 runs on the railway / car terminal - "Emelyanovo". And also №№ 513, 588А, 791 with arrival to the airport.


To maintain the status of one of the most modern airports not only in the Siberian region, but throughout the Russian Federation, measures are being taken to develop the complex.

In the future, a transport and logistics center of the appropriate international class will be equipped, the capacity of the cargo terminal will increase and equipment will be equipped with modern equipment.

It is planned to unite with the nearby airport "Cheremshanka", which also has a modern runway.

In general, the measures taken should increase the airport's capacity almost fourfold.

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