What is a ticket fee and what are fees?

In our century, flights on an airliner have become quite common. Almost every person flies by plane at least once a year, so the appearance of air tickets is also familiar to everyone. But the correct reading of tickets is not available to everyone. Many are concerned about the lack of understanding of what taxes and fees are in air tickets. So what is it really?

Flights: what is the price?

It is known that flights are not an expensive pleasure. Even frequent promotions and discounts on air tickets can not make the price of them as affordable as possible for most of the population. In some cases, a short flight can cost a lot of money. What does the price of an air ticket depend on? Why does the cost of the flight, issued at the ticket office and via the Internet, vary so much? Let's look at everything in order.

So, first of all, what are the nuances of the price for the air ticket? According to the rules of air transportation, the cost can be divided into three components:

  • rate;
  • Rate;
  • collection.

In some areas, the last two components may exceed the tariff specified in the air ticket. Before you understand what a fee is in an air ticket and fees, you need to find out where it is better to buy a ticket.

Why are the prices in air tickets on the same route different?

Each traveler chooses where it is more convenient for him to buy an air ticket, but still the price difference is sometimes significant. What determines this price run-up?

It's simple. Some Internet sites for advertising purposes do not indicate fees and taxes in the ticket. The customer sees only the price taking into account the tariff, and in many cases it is not very high. Therefore, the air ticket is bought with pleasure, and only at registration the traveler learns that he needs to pay extra. This, of course, causes a shock reaction. And some passengers hand over tickets and refuse to fly.

In ticket offices, the price is indicated with all additional charges taken into account. This final version does not require any additional payments. The only nuance that turns away from this method of many customers is the ticket charge , which is collected directly at the box office.

Of course, we do not agitate you to refuse Internet purchases of air tickets in favor of cash desks. The main thing - be careful when buying and before payment, be sure to check all the tariffs and fees indicated in the itinerary receipt.

Where did the extra charges for the flight come from?

To understand what a fee is in an air ticket, we will tell you about the reasons for the appearance of additional fees for flights. These unexpected costs have arisen not so long ago. Twelve years ago, the largest British air carrier decided to introduce a fuel surcharge. The explanation was the sharp rise in fuel prices, the airline thus leveled its possible losses.

Later, there were new fees and additional taxes. At the moment, many fees are issued depending on the decision of the airport management and the carrier company.

What do you mean, fees in air tickets?

The rates indicated in the air tickets depend directly on the air carrier. With the help of this money, the various expenses of the company are covered. Even if you know this information, you will never be able to find out exactly what a ticket is in an air ticket. This mysterious word includes a lot of expenses:

  • Payment for the work of company employees;
  • The cost of the paper blank of the itinerary receipt;
  • Cost of booking, etc.

Many inexperienced travelers ask questions on the websites of airlines. What are the rates in S7 air tickets? What do the rates mean in Aeroflot tickets? We think, now these problems will not torment you. After all, the scheme of formation of the rate is the same in all companies. You can be sure that any phrase, for example, about the problems inside the airline, will be the factor that means: the rates in air tickets will soon definitely rise. Because it is at the expense of passengers that the management of the companies covers its losses.

Where do fees in air tickets come from?

So, what is the rate in the air ticket, you already learned. Now it is necessary to find out the origin of the fees indicated in the routing receipts. If the fees cover the costs of airlines, the fees are set by purely airports. They can be very different:

  • Fuel surcharge;
  • Security fee;
  • Flight charge, etc.

This expense item is not identical for each airport. Some charge fees for the customs service, while others may charge a fee for running a runway. That is, every airport in the world has its own list of fees. When you specify the point on the map, where you go on vacation, the computer program automatically adds to your fare certain airport fees.

To ensure that the final ticket price does not surprise you at the check-in counter, always consider the additional costs expressed in fees and taxes. Only in this case any flight will turn into a pleasant journey.

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