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After cesarean sex life: doctor's recommendations. Recovery period after caesarean section

After cesarean sex life does not begin immediately. A woman needs time to restore her body. After giving birth, the body experiences tremendous stress. Important roles are lack of sleep, psychological state, pain and other aspects.

What is Caesarian section?

Cesarean section is performed if there is no possibility to give birth to a child naturally. The fetus may be located incorrectly, the maternal health is poor, a number of diseases, extreme situations , etc. During the operation, the abdominal cavity is dissected and a uterine incision is made. This surgical intervention is reflected on the genitals of the parturient woman. Therefore, after the operation, they need restoration.

Is it possible to start a sexual life right after cesarean?

After cesarean section, postoperative wounds heal more often very slowly. Stitches, both external and internal, can bleed profusely. This creates not only discomfort and pain. After giving birth, the woman's genitals are very vulnerable to any infection. Therefore, doctors do not recommend starting a sex life immediately after birth. It can be deadly for a woman.

How long does the body restore after cesarean?

Some women after caesarean section are trying to resume sexual activity as soon as possible. But the body after this operation takes time to recover. At a minimum, to avoid rupturing and infection. Since the human body is strictly individual, it takes weeks for some, and months for others.

The timing when you can begin to have sex after cesarean

There are recommendations of doctors when it is possible to resume sexual activity after cesarean. In most cases, it takes about six to eight weeks to restore the body. It is necessary that the place of attachment of the placenta to the uterus and the suture heal. At the end of this period, you can slowly start to have sex again.

But this conditional term. Some organisms are restored within a month, and others need much more time. Even if the seam on the skin has healed quickly, this does not mean that the uterus has recovered after the operation.

If an episiotomy (surgical dissection of the perineum) was done during cesarean section, you should abstain from sex for about three months while the healing of the postoperative suture passes .

How to make sure that you can return to a normal sexual life?

Doctors are sure that if there are no complications, then the sexual life can begin as soon as the blood discharge after the operation (lochia) is over, and there are no problems with the sutures. In order to make sure of this, you need to conduct an ultrasound. This procedure shows how strong the seams are and whether they will disperse during sex.

Even if a woman feels that she is ready to resume sexual activity and she has a desire, consultation and doctor's permission are necessary. Only a specialist will be able to determine how the healing of the postoperative suture passes.

In addition to the seams, the fact is that after the placenta is separated from the uterus, an open wound is formed. You can not let an infection get into it. Therefore any tampons are excluded, as well as a sexual life. Until the wound heals completely.


After cesarean sexual life begins not earlier than a month. According to statistics, organisms of 10 percent of women after the operation are fully restored in four weeks. And from the point of view of physiology it is already possible to begin to live again a sexual life. Another 10% of women because of the individual characteristics of the body and complications can not be rehabilitated even after 8 weeks. The remaining 80% are restored after cesarean in a period of 1.5 to 2 months.

Physiological aspect

After a cesarean, a woman needs to listen to her body. Before resuming sexual life, you need to wait until the bleeding is over. After this, do an ultrasound and consult a doctor.

First time you need to use contraceptives. But during the lactation period, birth control pills are often contraindicated, and the spiral can be placed only six months after the operation. The best options are condoms or vaginal suppositories.

The beginning of a sexual life after cesarean should be sparing. A man should move very carefully, smoothly, to avoid damage to recently healed seams. In the first months, sharp, rough movements, pressure and deep penetration are excluded. Within six months only classic postures are recommended.

At the first intimate proximity after surgery a woman can feel discomfort. Often there are pain after cesarean section. But these feelings will eventually pass. The ligaments, muscles and tissues of the body will stretch and come into tonus. It takes time.

Some fervent couples in the first months after the resumption of sexual life try to replace the classical postures with others. This can not be allowed, since the penetration of fingers and even tongue can bring bacteria into the body. Another danger is if a woman reacts violently. In this case, the seams that have not yet become stronger can disperse from the stress.

According to scientists, during breastfeeding a woman produces hormones similar to those produced during sex. This often explains the reluctance to resume sexual activity. And it happens most often after caesarean.

After cesarean, the sex life for women recedes into the background. The thing is that the maternity body is not adapted to a quick return to sex. The partner will have to suffer, since prolactin (the parent hormone) forces the woman to focus only on the newborn. The organism at this time is very "busy". He is engaged in feeding offspring. At the same time, sexual desire is not perceived by him as parallel and is considered less important. This state passes after a while.

After the operation, at first the woman can not always experience orgasm. Some take about a year to re-experience the former pleasure. But 40 percent of women noted that after a while they began to experience orgasm twice as often.

The psychological side

At first, when after cesarean sexual life resumes, A woman often has a fear of sex. Largely to blame for fatigue, anxiety for the child, sleepless nights, depression. Most often the first time after the resumption of sexual life, it will not deliver the same pleasure as before.

In such a situation, a woman needs to talk with her partner, tell her about her fears. A man must have patience and not only support her morally, but also help with household chores and give as much sleep as possible.

A woman often feels unattractive. After childbirth, the stomach and chest are strongly hanging. Often prevents excess weight. But this can only be corrected over time. A man in this period needs to be more attentive to his half. Over time, the desire to return. To "spur" doctors often recommend romantic dates or a joint viewing of erotic films.

Pain after caesarean section when having sex

After cesarean, pain can occur during sex. And their localization often changes. They can also appear in the vagina. The thing is that the hormonal process of contraction of the uterus and the vagina is started, but it has not been deformed. Discomfort during sex is just being tested because of excessive constriction.

Sexual life after caesarean section in the absence of lubrication can cause a woman severe pain. Often the reason is psychological stiffness. In such cases, you can use special hygienic gels or lubricants. If during the sex there was a sharp pain or the discharge began, then you need to immediately consult a doctor.

What can and what can not be done after cesarean

You can not start a sexual life if partners have sexual infections or inflammations. And also if the lochia dragged on and the seams continue to bleed. Before after the operation to begin a sexual life, the partner must undergo a complete examination. Strictly forbidden anal sex and lifting weights.

What is possible after cesarean? It is necessary to use contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, since the next one can be planned only after two years. Over time, you can do a selection of poses. Do this very carefully and gradually. The most successful will be those in which the woman herself can control her own movements. More often this position is "from above".

Recovery after Caesarean

In the first period of recovery after cesarean, a woman was prescribed a bed rest. In bed, it should lie between 3 and 12 hours. To rise it is necessary cautiously, without sharp movements, not hurrying up and it is better gradually. Best in someone's presence. You can start to sit down only on the third day after cesarean.

If the operation was under general anesthesia and the chest feels gurgling and wheezing, to get rid of the mucus accumulated in the lungs you need to cough. Cope with the gases will help wobble in the armchair, deep breathing and exclusion from the diet of any meal that can be daunted, and carbonated drinks.

If constipation has begun, physical activity (but moderate), dry fruits and vegetables helps to normalize the stool. All of the above can affect the psychological background of a woman. And during this period, sex drive is reduced.

During the recovery from cesarean, a lubricant is often poorly produced. In this case, active petting helps. You can use aphrodisiacs or incense. To minimize the load on the abdomen and hips in the first months, it is best to use the posture "from behind" or "missionary". You can try and gradually others, but at the same time pay attention to the pressure on the vagina does not cause pain.

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