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Unusual dishes from ordinary products

We all love to surprise. Native, friends, themselves. And what can help us in this? For example, food. All of us eat and, having made the most unusual dishes, it is possible to surprise pleasantly the family members and relatives. And you can hit not exotic products laid out in 3 rows on a beautiful plate, but quite "terrestrial" food.

And today for you a useful assembly: "Unusual dishes from ordinary products."

1. "Pancake" variations.

  • Pancake bags. You can bake ordinary pancakes and put a filling in them (to your taste), and then wrap them to make bags. Tie them from above with green onions (if the filling is unsweetened) or fix with toothpicks, chopsticks and whatever you want.
  • A pie of pancakes. Between pancakes you can lay any stuffing, and in the end of the resulting cake make (you can cut) the muzzle of the animal and decorate it with fruits (eyes, nose, etc.)
  • Letters, figurines from pancakes. It is enough to stock up a medical syringe (without needles, of course) - if there is no special culinary - and draw in the frying pan what you like: heart, herringbone, name, etc.
  • House or tower of pancakes. If you twist all the pancakes with a tube, you can build a "real" pancake house in the Russian style. You can fix pancakes with each other using toothpicks. Or you can put pancakes from big to small to make a tower.

2. Potato unusual dishes.

  • Balls from potatoes. You will need butter (50 grams), 4 egg yolks, salt, breadcrumbs and, in fact, the potato itself (about 10 pcs.). Make a mash with butter and egg. Next, roll the balls and, dipping into beaten yolks and breadcrumbs, throw in boiling oil (vegetable). Ready balls spread on napkins to oil the glass. You can serve as a ready dish or as a side dish.
  • Caterpillars from potatoes are unusual dishes for children. You will need potatoes, greens, food foil. Cut the peeled potatoes across, leaving about 3-5 cm, then lay it on a greased with butter or vegetable oil foil, wrap and put on for about half an hour in the oven.

3. Unusual dishes from cheese.

  • Fried cheese. The recipe is similar to potato balls and is prepared quite quickly. You will need 300 grams of cheese, 2 eggs, bread crumbs and vegetable oil. Cut the cheese into slices about 1-1.5 cm thick, then dice each piece into an egg and breadcrumb twice (this is necessary so that when melting the melted cheese does not flow out). Now fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Done!
  • Baked bread in cheese. The recipe is unusual due to its simplicity. Bread is cut across into 3 identical pieces, then they are laid one on one with cheese layers. After this, everything is placed in the foil in the oven (or microwave, but without foil). Fast and tasty!

Below you can see how the ready-made unusual dishes look.

Pancake bags

Pancakes pie

Figures from pancakes

Pancake turret

Potato balls

Caterpillars from potato

Fried cheese

Baked cheese bread

You can also come up with a lot of unusual dishes - fantasy has no boundaries! Get everything that is in the fridge and experiment! Of course, not all in a bunch: sausage, condensed milk, pepper - everything should be within reasonable limits. The kitchen is also a kind of workshop for creativity, so that cooking is never boring - do it!

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