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This Mexican chimichanga: recipe

Everyone who has ever watched the movie "Familiar with the Fockers" will surely remember that one of the heroes once very much wanted chimichangs. He cried out about it. And many viewers also immediately wanted to taste this unusual foreign food. Only where will it be taken? We are not in Latin America ...

Of course, the overseas word, similar to the familiar "Chunga-Chang" since childhood, can easily deceive anyone. This is how the unknown giants, sharp sauces, incredible spices, which we have never even seen, are blowing from him. But in fact you can actually make chimichanga yourself. It's not so difficult, and it's not a problem to get the necessary products. So, today in the focus of attention - chimichanga, the recipe of which came to us from solar Mexico.

About a fallen burrito and an unspoken curse

Like many world-famous dishes, the Chimichang has its own legend. And this legend says that in 1920, the chef of the El Charro restaurant accidentally missed a freshly prepared burrito. He crashed into the frying pan with boiling oil, sprinkling it around. Frightened, the woman almost screamed in the hearts of the curse in those parts: "Ay, chingado!", But at that moment her little niece was sitting next to her. In order not to teach the child all sorts of nastiness, she stopped in time and uttered something like: "Ay, chi ... michanga!". When she managed to catch the oil from the oil, it turned out that the roasting did not do him any harm. And on the same day a new word appeared in the menu of her restaurant - "chimichanga". Recipe for cooking this dish with great speed spread throughout Latin America.

Products for cooking

Are you afraid that you will not be able to get everything you need? In vain! Most of the products are certainly in your refrigerator, and the missing is sold in the nearest supermarket.

For this dish we need the following ingredients:

  • Wheat tortilla - 6 pcs;
  • Sour cream is thick - 100 ml;
  • Cheddar cheese - 150 g;
  • Bulb, preferably red - 1 pc;
  • Garlic - 1 clove;
  • Meat filling - 150 g;
  • Chili green and "halepeno" - 0.5 pcs;
  • Bulgarian pepper - to taste;
  • Potatoes (boiled) - 1 pc.

Of these simple products, and preparing chimichanga. Recipe can be varied to your liking. For example, adding to the filling a little guacamole sauce or salsa.

Cooking process

Ingredients are sliced and fried in oil. We rub the cheese on the grater. We spread on the tortillas stuffing, sprinkle with cheese, fold the envelope and fasten the skewers. Prepared in this way, the preparations are put into the refrigerator for half an hour, and after frying in hot oil. As you can see, nothing complicated. And Mexican chimichanga is preparing for home. The recipe with the photo clearly demonstrates that there is simply nothing to be afraid of.

Unusual tastes

The combination of fragrant filling and crispy crust will not leave anyone indifferent. And when this dish takes a worthy place in your piggy bank, it will be possible to experiment with new tastes. For example, you may like chimichanga, the recipe of which contains not fried, but smoked meat, fresh vegetables, homemade cheese, mushrooms. Try to add your favorite foods to this dish - the result will definitely please you.

Feed to the table

The dish of chimichang, the recipe of which came to us from Latin America, is best harmonized with spicy sauces. Prepare for it tomato salsa or Mexican sauce from avocado and chili. Do not forget about fresh vegetables and greens.

Any sauces for nachos, which you can prepare yourself, and ready to buy, are also great for chimichangs. It is very convenient when several sauces are served to a table in flat saucers.

When serving the table, this dish is often served cut in two diagonally. You can take it with the help of cutlery, and just with your hands.

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