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How to organize a rest time

To achieve at least something in this life, you have to work hard. Recreation plays a secondary role, because we remember about it in the last place, most often when there is simply no power to do something. But let's not forget that rest time is also necessary for us, like water and food. Imagine that it was with you if it were not for the weekend and the long-awaited annual leave. Today we will talk about how to organize your free time, and how to spend a well-deserved vacation.

First, let's try to distinguish between two concepts, such as working time and rest time. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, working hours are part of the calendar time, during which every working person must fulfill his labor duties in the place where he is employed. In Article 42 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation it is stated that at all enterprises, organizations and institutions, the length of working time should not exceed 40 hours per week. The reduced working day can be extended only to those who, by definition of the state, have the right to do so. Accordingly, that period, which does not enter into working hours, is intended for the organization of leisure and the resolution of personal matters. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, rest period is the time during which each employee is released from the performance of his duties and can conduct it as he sees fit. According to Art. 57 of the RF Labor Code every employee has the right to break during working hours, and its duration is established by a specific organization or production, or by agreement between the employer and the employee.

I agree with Art. 58 Labor Code of the Russian Federation each employee is given a weekend, their number depends on the length of working hours. You, like all working people, look forward to the days off, to have a good sleep, to sit in front of the TV, and most importantly - do nothing. Simply put, spending time as you want. But sometimes such a "home" vacation can get tired of not worse than work. What then? Diversify. For example, the time for rest at weekends can be devoted to meetings with friends, going to the movies or sitting in a cafe, going to the museum with a family or going on a picnic. It does not matter where you are going to spend your rest time, it is important that it be to you in joy. Some studies have shown that active time leads to an early return of strength and energy, rather than inactive lying on the couch. If you want, you can dedicate your weekends to the health improvement of the body. Do a simple set of physical exercises, go to the pool or sauna. In short, do not sit in one place.

Now let's talk about how to organize your vacation, which, according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, must be provided to every working person once a year in the amount of 24 working calendar days (for employees with special needs only more leisure). He can be paid (assigned to each working person) and additional (at his own expense). Leave is a special time, which needs to be spent cheerfully, having received a maximum of new impressions. How to do it?

Rest in the village

Time for rest is special. Some like to rest in the winter, and others like to rest in the summer. Why do not you spend your vacation somewhere in nature? For this, it is not necessary to go abroad, look at the beauty around you. If there is a house in the village - fine. Gather everything you need and, without hesitation, go where there are no noisy streets, traffic jams on the roads and crowds of people. The rural habitat will allow you to relax from city life, to stay in silence and plunge into local traditions and customs. The time of year for a trip to the village does not matter, both in winter and in summer, you will always find what to do yourself.

Holiday at the resort

This is perhaps the most popular type of recreation. It is when the time of the long-awaited vacation comes, we are striving to go closer to the sea, the sun and sand. Fortunately, today there are no obstacles for traveling abroad and those who can afford it will be in one of the hundreds of the best resorts in the world. Of course, to spend a holiday at the resort is a dream for every person, though not everyone can afford it. If you are going to spend your vacation in some warm country, for example, Egypt, Turkey or Spain, do not forget to buy a ticket, arrange all the documents and collect things.

Holidays in the hike

Do you want your holiday to be unusual? Then go camping. You can organize it as yourself, by inviting close friends and relatives, or to seek help from an agency that organizes a variety of expeditions and hikes. What will it give you? First, you can visit beautiful natural places and sights. Secondly, a hike is a way of improving the body, and thirdly, a sea of impressions that will remain with you for life. Going on a hike on your own, you can go on a fascinating journey through your home country, and time to organize the way you see fit.

Well, the work time and rest time are two important components of our life. Be able to properly organize them, to subsequently enjoy, both from your favorite work, and from personal rest.

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