Eye drops "Travatan": analogues, instructions for use and reviews

Glaucoma is a serious disease of the eye. It got its name because of the greenish shade, which is acquired by the dilated pupil, struck by a sharp attack of glaucoma. It is a chronic disease characterized by increased intraocular pressure. However, this is not an exhaustive definition. The term "glaucoma" unites about 60 eye diseases, which have the following symptoms:

  • Intraocular pressure.
  • Affection of optic nerve fibers.
  • Disturbance of the optic nerve.

There can be glaucoma at any age, beginning with infancy. However, most often this disease affects the elderly. Today we are interested in drugs that help to effectively combat the disease, in particular, "Travatan". Analogues of this Belgian drug are very often prescribed by ophthalmologists, as they can bring quick relief. Today we will tell you about the most popular of them.

pharmachologic effect

The purpose of this article is a brief review of modern drugs for the treatment of glaucoma, among which the first place is occupied by "Travatan". Analogues, we list a little lower, until we give time to the original drug. So, this is a local medication that is used in ophthalmic practice. According to reviews of practicing doctors, "Travatan" is successfully used in the treatment of increased intraocular pressure, and also as a medicine for glaucoma in complex treatment.

The main active substance

What ensures the effectiveness of the drug "Travatan" (analogues can differ from it with their active substances)? The basis of the drug is travoprost. Only at first glance, it is associated with the plant world, and therefore is safe. It is a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin. In the body, these are fatty acid derivatives, a group of lipid substances, the study of the properties of which is currently continuing.

So, what is the function of "Travatan" (the analogs tend to achieve the same effect)? As a result of the application, the outflow of the eye fluid increases, which means that the intraocular pressure decreases .

Significant relief

Approximately two hours after the application of the drug, a person may notice a therapeutic effect. However, it reaches its maximum strength after about 12 hours. The action lasts 24 hours, after which the application should be repeated. It should be noted that the active substance falls into the systemic blood stream even when applied locally. Therefore, it is extremely important to get acquainted with the contraindications, as well as consult with your doctor. A peak of plasma concentration is observed after 30 minutes after use. And an hour after the application is no longer detected in the plasma. The drug is excreted by the kidneys and liver.

Indications for use

In what cases ophthalmologists appoint patients "Travatan" (eye drops)? Instruction, price, analogues - all this is important information that everyone wants to hear from their doctor. With great success this drug is used in the treatment of increased intraocular pressure. Those who have already encountered such a disease know that this leads to a gradual disruption of the visual function, and therefore needs a timely correction.

The treatment of glaucoma is even more complicated. It is a systemic disease in which not only the organs of vision are involved, but also the vessels, as well as certain centers of the brain. Therefore, the treatment should be comprehensive, and the treatment often includes "Travatan".

Mode of application

And we go further. But let us reiterate that the appointment of such medicines should be carried out only by a specialist. When self-medication is very likely to harm your body. How to use "Travatan" (eye drops) at home? Instruction (price, analogs will be discussed below) offers to instill the drug directly under the affected eyelid. To achieve maximum effect, it is best to use the drug in the evening, before going to bed.

Precautionary measures

It is extremely important to open the bottle immediately before use. Do not let it come in contact with the skin, as this can lead to contamination of the solution. If this is not critical for other outdoor facilities, then any part can play a role. Another point: the solution should not come in contact with the skin. Direct hit should be completely ruled out, but if by accident you shed the solution, you need to quickly wash the skin with plenty of water.


And now a few words about how to use "Travatan" for a long time and in what quantities. Analogues, the price of which is often lower, can be used only if the doctor finds them a full-fledged alternative. Instructions for use suggest that the duration of the course and dose will be agreed by the attending physician. All this is purely individual, so it is difficult to give a general recommendation for everyone. However, most often, adults are prescribed one drop of the drug once a day. Here you need to be very careful, because you can not exceed the recommended dosage. If the dose was missed, then it is necessary to wait for the next dose.

If the patient has already been treated for glaucoma, then the treatment with "Travatan" should be started no earlier than three days after the end of the previous preparation. In the event that the doctor decides to appoint several ophthalmic drugs at once, the interval between the use of a particular medicine should be at least 5 minutes.

Side effects and contraindications

Below we will talk about how economically beneficial it is to use "Travatan" (eye drops). Analogues, the price of which may differ, is not always possible to replace with precision the preparation of Belgian production. By the way, its cost is quite affordable. Packing 2.5 ml will cost about 590 rubles. But for now, let's talk a little more about what your doctor is supposed to take into account.

So, the main contraindication is hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. This drug is not used in pediatrics. The age limit is 18 years. Absolutely contraindicated drug during pregnancy. During treatment it is extremely important to use reliable methods of contraception. If there is a need for taking "Travatan" during lactation, breastfeeding should be temporarily canceled.

But, in addition to contraindications, there are also side effects that can develop in a wide variety of patient groups. Perhaps the redness of the eyes, which usually goes by itself. On the part of the organs of vision, cataract development and visual impairment, foreign body sensation in the eyes, itching and burning can be observed. According to some patients, it is possible to note the change in the structure of the eyelashes. They become denser and longer.

From the side of the digestive tract, there may be a violation of the stool and an exacerbation of the stomach ulcer. On the part of the official instruction - on this all unpleasant symptoms end. However, the reviews emphasize that often against the background of the use of the drug, there is an increase in cholesterol, emotional lability, headaches and various infections, as well as herpes.

Drug analogues

We in general told the reader about the drug "Travatan". Analogues are cheaper, there are among them and those that contain other active substances. This is the type of "Xalatan". Is approximately in the same price category. It costs about 610 rubles in pharmacies. Standard package, 2.5 ml. The active substance is latanoprost, which effectively reduces intraocular pressure.

Because of contraindications, not everyone can use the drug "Travatan". Instructions for use (price, reviews, analogs are given only for general review) gives general information, but the final decision is made by the doctor. If, in your case, you can not prescribe the listed drugs, the doctor may consider such an option as "Betoptik." This is a preparation of Belgian production, which costs much less than other analogues, about 320 rubles. The active ingredient is betaxolol hydrochloride. It is perfect for monotherapy glaucoma.

If there is a need to choose the most budget option for treatment, then ask your doctor, he will choose from the list of drugs available analogue "Travatana". In Russia, the "Pilocarpine" drops are produced. Their cost is the lowest on the market - about 30 rubles per package. The active ingredient is pilocarpine hydrochloride. This substance, which narrows the pupil and improves the outflow of intraocular fluid, which helps quickly reduce the intraocular pressure. The drug is considered one of the safest, it is prescribed even to pregnant women.

"Arutimol" is another medicine, this time Germanic, which helps quickly and effectively reduce intraocular pressure. It is also available in the form of drops. The active substance is thymol hydromaleate. The cost is about 50 rubles. However, this drug has serious contraindications. Among them - any violations of cardiac activity, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, severe rhinitis and allergic reactions.

Instead of concluding

On this, we will today conclude a short excursion into the treatment of glaucoma. Now you know how you can use "Travatan". The instruction and analogues of the drug give a complete picture of what an appointment should be made by an experienced doctor, because the list of contraindications and side effects is quite large. Glaucoma is a serious disease that most often requires systemic treatment, but the medicines described above will help make therapy more pleasant and effective.

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