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The Adyghe epic. "How Badynoko defeated a one-eyed giant": a summary

Once Badynoko and Sosruko, without catching anything on the hunt, returned home. This was the only case, since this has never happened to them. Suddenly a wild goat came running down the path to them, the wool of which shone with extraordinary brilliance in the sun. From the arrow Badynoko still no one left, he aimed directly at the animal, and it fell.

That's how the story of the Adyghe fairy tale about how Badynoko defeated a one-eyed giant twirled. The summary can be continued by the fact that when the happy Badynoko approached the goat, she jumped up and ran away. Then the hunter again shot an arrow into it, and she fell again, and then fled. The same thing happened a third time. Then the hunter chased this goat, which suddenly disappeared in the courtyard of one of the houses of the Nart villages. Badynoko followed her into the courtyard.

As Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant. World of fairy tales

The owner of the house turned out to be a one-armed man, he went out to the hunter and introduced himself as Hagur. He recognized the glorious knight Badynoko, for he was the one who defended the Nart from the insidious points. The delighted owner invited the honorary warrior to his house and ordered the bull to be slaughtered. But Badynoko did not eat and all night he muttered without sleep.

In the morning they brought him various dishes, but even then he refused to eat. Then the host, enraged by such disrespectful behavior, went out to the guest with his sword drawn. Badynoko asked not to quarrel and told him that he did not get out of his head a goat that he could not kill, because she was constantly reviving, and this greatly saddens him. Hagur was surprised that such an insignificant event does not give him rest. And he wanted to tell the warrior his tragic story.

One-eyed monster

Then the fairy tale "How Badynoko Defeated the One-Eyed Giant" (its brief, to be more precise) continues with the fact that Khagur once had six brothers, and they heard about the place in the Black Ravine where there is a lot of game. They went there and saw that at the foot of a high mountain lies a huge one-eyed giant and near his cave. He was entertained, throwing rocks at the top of the mountain, and then they rolled down, and he threw them up with his heels. The brothers decided that it was impolite to run away from him and came to greet him.

One-eyed, without ceremony, ordered them to cook him a cauldron of six fat sheep. But the men did not cope on time with this case, and then an angry and hungry giant drove into his cave all herds and brothers and blocked the entrance to it with a mighty stone. When he returned and rolled away the stone to kill the sheep, the brothers decided to flee, but the giant easily caught and killed six brothers in front of the only one who had escaped Khagur. After preparing his food, the giant fell asleep. Hagur constantly thought about his salvation and decided that he would not be able to kill the monster, but if he kicks out his only eye, the chance to escape from him will appear.

The rescue

He crept up to the giant and, exposing his sword, hit him in the eye. He screamed in pain and began to look for his offender, not finding him, he began to feel every her sheep and let out into the pasture. Khagur saw a long-haired goat among the herd of sheep and lay down under his belly. The giant, feeling his back, pushed the animal out of the cave.

Is not it true that the plot of the fairy tale "How Did Badynoko Defeat the One-Eyed Giant", the summary of which is presented here, recalls in this moment the heroic deeds of Odysseus? That's how far folk legends and fairy tales spread about the glory of brave warriors, and where the truth, after all, it does not matter, the main thing is that every nation has its own Odyssey or Badynoko.

So, when the monster realized that it had lost, and the one it was looking for was at large, he decided to outwit and give the fugitive a huge gold ring, in which his whole power was enclosed. Khagur, scarcely putting it on his arm, thundered to them, and the giant immediately chased the hero. Then Haguro had to cut off his own hand. So ended his story.

Revenge of Badynoko

But here begins the most interesting in the story of how Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant. The summary then tells how Badynoko Haguro swore to avenge his brothers and bring that giant's head. Immediately the hero galloped to the Black Ravine and saw there a cave near the entrance of which burned the hearth, before which the giant was resting, and in the distance a herd of his sheep grazed.

Badynoko greeted the giant with warm words. And he, seeing in him his next victim, ordered him to cook a dinner of three fat sheep. Badynoko quickly caught three sheep and cooked food, but he was alone.

The giant thought that this guest was strong and cunning, and this could end badly for him. He himself went, groped for himself the thinnest three sheep, because he was very greedy, cooked and ate them. So Badynoko and one-eyed giant ate three sheep every day until they ended.

Deadly fight

Then the real battle began, the giant started the game, who will drive whom into the ground. The giant drove Badynoko only on the ankles. Badynoko coped with this much better, and the monster was in the ground knee-deep. The fair land did not let go of the giant's feet, and then the courageous nart with his sword beheaded this monster, the body remained in place, but the head he brought to Khagur and thus fulfilled his oath. That's how in the brief maintenance of Badynoko defeated the giant.

Daughter of Khagur

Hagur, looking at his head with a devastated eye socket, recognized the killer of his brothers. He embraced Badynoko and confessed that he had waited a long time for such a sledge to fight the giant, and when the fame of Badynoko reached him, he thought that he was a savior and an avenger. Haguro admitted that the goat that Badynoko shot three times was his daughter, on the body of which there were traces of these arrows.

Having finished his story, Khagur came out, brought his beautiful daughter and, exposing her back, showed three scars from the arrows of Badynoko. But the noble warrior said that there is nothing more worthy and better than disinterested friendship, and added that he leaves his beautiful daughter to him so that she can find herself a husband after her own heart. Then he said goodbye and added: "Let your deeds be worthy of the song." Khagur replied that the brave Badynoko is the same nart that is worthy of glorification. Since that time, he began to praise his name in his songs.

"As Badynoko defeated the one-eyed giant" - the book is so interesting that you can get a great pleasure after reading it in the original, and really feel the folk Adyghe epic and folklore.

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