Autonomous Gasoline Power Plants in Construction

Stand-alone generating sets that produce electricity and are driven by internal combustion engines allow the power tool to work in the suburban area and at any height of the house under construction. Since the small mechanization that is used in construction (concrete mixers, bolgars, electric welding, drills and perforators) has already become an indispensable tool for builders, then they can not do without electricity.

Given that construction work is carried out on large spaces (horizontally, vertically), and power supplies to builders need mobile. Portable gasoline power stations are sold more often, and used, less often. Their advantage over a wide range of capacities from 700 to 1500 watts and unpretentiousness in operation is significantly offset by the cost of gasoline. For some reason, they all want to "eat" only high-quality gasoline A-95.

Autonomous power plants, other than ICE, also have:

  • Frame;
  • fuel tank;
  • generator.

Some portable power stations are equipped with a starter and a rechargeable battery. Generators for all installations (almost) of the same type:

- housing,

- stator,

- excitation system,

- Rotor.

Those who often have to work without a centralized power supply are more likely to prefer a diesel generator. It is more economical in terms of fuel consumption, and diesel fuel is cheaper for it. As with any "medal", he also has a "downside". Power plants with diesel ICE are more cumbersome and more expensive. They louder "noise" and reluctantly run in the cold. But the consumer always has the right to choose.

Virtually all portable power plants are air-cooled.

From lighting to electric welding, the range of portable power stations at the construction site is so wide. Accordingly, and the power from them is required different. And for voltage they are divided into single-phase - 220 V and three-phase - 380 V. And otherwise they differ by the current that the generator generates. The most powerful are diesel portable welding generators, which produce a current of up to 200 A. They can be powered by a power tool of lower power and lighting.

From the word "power station" there is in the imagination something monumental. In the case of portable power plants, dimensions and weight are limited to the trunk of a car or a light trailer, and all "personnel" consists of one person.

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