The drug "Pihtoin" (ointment) for animals: instructions for use

What are the properties of such a medicine as "Pihtoin" (ointment for animals)? Instructions for use and features of this medication will be described later. Also, we will present the testimony of the medicine, its principle of action and side effects.

Composition of the preparation, its packaging and description

What components does the Pihtoin medication (ointment for animals) contain? The instruction states that the main substance of this medicine is pine sapwood. It also includes such auxiliary components as wax (or beeswax), chemically precipitated chalk and industrial oil.

What does the "Pikhtoin" ointment look like for outdoor use? This preparation is available in the form of a homogeneous mass of yellow or brown. It is packaged in glass jars, which are closed by screwing on lids, or in polymeric containers, tubes.

Therapeutic features

What is the drug under consideration? According to the instructions, it refers to medical products that are used to treat skin diseases.

Experts argue that this medication is able to provide a complex antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, as well as regenerative effect.

What determines the high therapeutic efficacy of this drug? Its medicinal properties are due to the presence of natural components. Their list was presented at the very beginning of the article.

The healing properties of pine resin are not known to many. Specialists report that this component is effective at the expense of phytoncides and flavonoids contained in it. These substances provide antiseptic properties of the drug.

Kinetic ability of the drug

Now you know the healing properties of pine resin. When applying this drug to the skin, it penetrates through the glands gland, and also partially through the intercellular passages.

In the intercellular passages and glands, the biologically active elements of the turpentine acquire a soluble state, after which they are gradually absorbed, contributing not only to the expansion of the blood vessels, but also to the acceleration of the resorption of the inflammatory foci, as well as to the improvement of the blood supply.

The drug "Pihtoin" refers to low-risk drugs.

Indications and contraindications

What is the drug "Pikhtoin" (ointment for animals)? The instruction states that this remedy is used to treat burns and wounds, as well as eczema, traumatic injuries of tissues, bursitis, dermatitis, papillomas, mastitis, ulcers and bruises in animals.

As for contraindications, they were not established. However, experts say that this remedy can not be used only with the personal high sensitivity of animals to the elements of the medication.

The drug "Pihtoin" (ointment for animals): instructions for use

The ointment in question is used only topically. Its thin and even layer is applied to a white clean cloth or gauze. In the future, it covers the affected area, and then strengthened with a special glue or bandage.

The described treatment is carried out 1-2 times a day for 5-10 days.

It should also be noted that the ointment "Pikhtoin" is allowed to be applied directly to the affected area, lightly rub it, including in the surrounding tissue.

With mastitis and bruises, this medication is used in the form of warming dressings.

If re-treatment of the skin is required, the previously applied ointment should be removed with sterile gauze.

Adverse events and other complications

When using the "Pikhtoin" ointment, negative reactions were not observed. However, with increased personal sensitivity of the animal to the substances of the medicine, signs of skin irritation may develop. In this case, the processing of the covers is stopped. In this case, the previously used drug is removed from the skin surface by means of a tampon and washed off with water. In this case, no additional treatment is required.

Symptoms of overdose and medication interaction

No evidence of an overdose of Pichtoin has been established to date. Also, there were no specific features of the effect of this drug when it was first used and when it was withdrawn.

Ointment "Pihtoin" is not recommended to be used simultaneously with other medicines for external application.

If several treatments are skipped, or if one is used, the drug should be continued according to the attached instructions.

Special Information

Livestock products in the process and after use of the ointment in question are used without any restrictions.

If you accidentally contact the medication with your eyes, they should be washed with a large volume of water. People with high sensitivity to the components of this drug should avoid direct contact with it.

Empty containers for medicines are not allowed to be used in everyday life. They must be disposed of with waste.

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