What is the distance from Rome to Rimini?

Have you ever been to Italy? It's a pity if this is so. But it's never too late to correct this annoying omission.

To Italy

The upcoming trip to Italy is always perceived as a holiday even by those who have been to this country many times. To travel the entire Apennine peninsula entirely, may not be enough for a lifetime. It is difficult to find a country within the terrestrial civilization that would be compared to Italy by its richness with historical, cultural and architectural sights. It is absolutely impossible to even briefly talk about this country in the framework of a short note, so we will focus on how to get from the capital and a popular resort town on the Adriatic coast of the country. Even the answer to the simple question of what the distance from Rome to Rimini is, is not so straightforward. After all, you can get to the famous resort by different routes.


Of course, first of all Italy in the minds of most tourists is associated with the "eternal city", which is its capital. This is also true because most of them get to the country through the air gates, located not far from the western outskirts of Rome. The largest airport in the country "Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino" serves most international flights. And if in the program of the trip there is a famous resort on the Adriatic, then not so often tourists begin to measure the distance from Rome to Rimini directly from the airport. To pass by Rome would be somehow strange. But nevertheless directly from the airport it is quite possible to fly directly to Rimini by local airlines flight. During the day they are several, and travel time is less than an hour. The distance from Rome to Rimini in a straight line is 240 kilometers. The ticket price in terms of Russian currency is approximately 3,700 rubles. But Italy is clearly not the country that should be viewed from the airplane window. And therefore the best way to go to the Adriatic after Rome.

In Rimini by train

The railway passes not in a straight line. And so the distance from Rome to Rimini is just under four hundred kilometers. This is the most reliable way to get from the capital to the resort. The majority of passengers prefer railways, even though there is only one direct train to Rimini in the timetable. But then every hour there are trains with a transfer to Bologna. The journey time is approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes, but it passes unnoticed. Not so urgent is the distance between Rimini and Rome, when from the window of the train you can admire Italy. Departure is made from the Roman station "Roma Tirbutina". The cost of the trip is from 50 to 70 euros.

In Rimini by bus and by car

From the same station you can go to Rimini by shuttle bus. At first glance, this is the most profitable mode of transport. The fare for the trip is only 37 euros. The only problem is that the direct bus leaves only at 6 am local time. The rest go with transplants, and the transplants are complicated by the need to get to the bus stations, not all of which are in the center. You can use a rental car, but this type of transport in Italy is quite expensive. You have to pay 75 euros for the trip there and back. However, this circumstance allows on the way back not to think about how many kilometers from Rimini to Rome. The service has already been paid, and this allows you to compose the itinerary yourself and visit the many attractions located on the way between the capital and the popular resort on the Adriatic coast. It is better to familiarize yourself with the car rental conditions in advance.

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