ASUS P5B Plus. Motherboard Overview

The choice of the motherboard is always a very difficult matter. And choosing a budget motherboard is a hundredfold more difficult. There are many factors to consider. The main one is the possibility of connecting all modern devices. The type of supported processors is also very important. In this regard, the motherboard ASUS P5B Plus looks very attractive. Let us analyze this product in more detail.

What is this fee?

The ASUS P5B Plus Xeon motherboard is a low-cost solution for weak computers. This fee came out in 2007 and has already become morally obsolete. A sign of the "old age" of the product is the presence of a special IDE connector for a floppy disk, which no one has been using for twenty years. Nevertheless, this motherboard is quite suitable for creating a computer with good multimedia capabilities. But for games this solution does not fit. Only the earliest versions can be launched.


ASUS P5B Plus is implemented on a socket LGA 775. Used chip is Intel P965. This means that it quietly supports processors such as Core 2 Duo. But the new-fashioned Core is not available for it. The "chip" of this motherboard is in a very high-quality sound chip. Typically, manufacturers supply boards with an inexpensive and not very high-quality chip from Realtek. Here is installed a more advanced chipset from Analog Devices, which is distinguished by high-quality sound. The motherboard supports it in the standard 7.1.

Let's move on to a deeper analysis of the ASUS P5B Plus. The features of this motherboard are: the supported processors are the Duo family from Intel, some models from AMD, the system bus frequency is 1066 MHz, the memory type is DDR2, the data transfer speed is 1000 Mbps. The characteristics are quite standard for 2007. Such parameters were common for inexpensive motherboards. Some of them are relevant in our time.

Interfaces and connectors

Here everything is not as good as we would like. ASUS P5B Plus is equipped with four USB 2.0 connectors. There can be no question of any "troika". There are PCI Express expansion slots and other necessary connectors (including SATA and IDE). By the way, the presence of rudimentary IDE is another indication that the motherboard is really rare. But is it not enough? Suddenly, and it is still useful? Let's say that someone has an old hard disk with the necessary information.

Other connectors include SPIDF (optical and coaxial), connectors for connecting individual components of the 7.1 speaker system, PS2 connectors for mouse and keyboard connection (another indication of the "antiquity" of the board) and other connectors (for example, LTP). This set is standard for motherboards. And even modern models have such "wealth". Hence, this motherboard is still relevant. By the way, it has one intriguing feature: support for FireWire and eSATA technologies. Not every modern motherboard can boast of this. And therefore this component is preferable even to many actual variants.

Reviews about the board

Let's turn to the feedback of ASUS P5B Plus owners. All who bought this motherboard, note the fast and trouble-free operation of all elements of the system. For the most part, users are installing it in office computers designed for work and some not particularly heavy games. No one tried to overclock it. And what's the point? Anyway, for modern samples, she will not be hijacked in productivity.

However, there were those who believe that the motherboard works poorly, since it does not draw modern memory. It's hard to count on more: the product of 2007 is before you. What kind of support for DDR 3 can we talk about? Do not ask the motherboard for what it is not designed for. And she does her job well with her work. What particularly pleases some users is the high-quality sound (merit of the chipset from Analog Devices) and acceptable quality of chips installed on the south and north bridges. Work for a long time without any problems.


The motherboard ASUS P5B Plus, whose review we have here - an excellent budget solution for office computers or home multimedia centers. This board can not boast of a particular performance. But it works flawlessly and has unsurpassed reliability. And in our time such a successful combination is a rarity. Most modern motherboards are disposable. Therefore, it makes sense to pay attention to this option, if you want something inexpensive and reliable. With its tasks, this motherboard copes 100%.

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