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16 signs that a colleague undermines your credibility

Saboteurs in the workplace are not uncommon. Some of your colleagues may aspire to sow an unhealthy atmosphere in the team. Thus, they pursue personal gain and seek to have a covert effect on other people. One recent study narrowed down the circle of "suspects". It turns out that those who are not appreciated in the workplace are inclined to sabotage colleagues. This state of affairs is unlikely to suit the rest of the team. Psychologists compare the unhealthy atmosphere in the office with toxic gas. What can be done in this situation?

Whatever happens around you, do not let your suspicions make yourself paranoid. Even if you suspect someone from employees in a dishonest game, do not take any action until your suspicions are confirmed. Here are the signs by which you can determine that a colleague undermines your credibility.

For him it's more than just a match

In fact, competitiveness and outright sabotage in the workplace is very difficult to distinguish from each other. And before you label someone as a "saboteur," make sure that this person needs more than just a victory over you. He can act meanly to intercept your important project. To be on horseback, this person will go to any measures, even accuse you of dishonesty. In addition, you are not the only target on his list.

He makes you keep the defense

Despite the fact that you never enter into a dispute with an employee whom you suspect of undermining your authority, somehow he always manages to put you on the defensive. This circumstance should become an alarm bell for you. It makes you feel like on probation, and most likely secretly dreams of your grandiose failure.

You are exposed not only to the

As a rule, a person who undermines trust has several victims in the team. If there are rumors that the suspect once already caused damage to one of the employees working in this company, keep his ear open. A big misconception is the belief that he will make an exception for you.

He is the king of gossip

Work - this is not the place where people turn inside out "dirty laundry." However, human nature can not be corrected, and during the lunch break people happily share news from their colleagues' private lives. Another thing is that some employees do not seek to cultivate these stories (they laughed and forgot), while others simply can not live without them. Not a good sign is that in your environment there is such a person who keeps his hand on the pulse of all events. He collects all the rumors that circulate inside the office. Why does he need it? In the future, he will use valuable information for his own mercenary purposes.

He is trying to distract you

If your colleague is constantly distracting you from work, he probably wants your effectiveness to drop noticeably. Thus, this procrastinator eliminates the competitor. Of course, there are people who do this unintentionally. They really do not know what to do, have an irrelevant post and very few assignments. Find out the intentions of a colleague is easy: tell him that you are busy working on a responsible project. If he understands, he is quite harmless for you. But if this person pretends not to understand you - beware.

He "forgets" to convey important information for you

When people have many important things, they always lose sight of something. But if "forgetfulness" is pathological, this should lead you to certain thoughts. The person you suspect did not deign to invite you to the meeting, forgot to pass on the boss's directions and intentionally deleted an important email. Of course, this can happen by absent-mindedness. But if this is repeated again and again, this person deliberately keeps you in the dark.

He spreads rumors about you

We have already talked about rumors in the workplace. They are inevitable, because they help employees to be aware of many events happening around. And while you are not part of the game, it can be fun. But if you have become the main hero of gossip, it is no longer funny. You know perfectly well that someone in the office actively cultivates false information. It's unpleasant that other people really believe these words. What do you think, whose hand is this?

He steals your ideas

In front of you is one of the main clues of the "demolitionist": he constantly steals your ideas, and ascribes to you your honors. You saw it in the movies, but now in reality you come across this blatant act of sabotage.

He empowers himself with superfluous powers

Your colleague is standing with you on one level in the service hierarchy. But for some reason he decided he could give you directions. Also, you get the impression that this employee is inclined to embellish his current and past achievements. Look closely at his behavior: with a successful transaction, over which the entire department has worked, he will be the first who will rejoice and beat himself in the chest.

He conducts social and disruptive work

The next maneuver on our list is extremely thin. The desire for social undermining is difficult to discern with the naked eye. Of course, you do not want to guess the worst (remember, what did we say about paranoia?). Sometimes people do wrong things without any hidden motives. You should be cautious if you repeatedly noticed something from this alarming list: your colleague fawns at the authorities, gives ambiguous comments to your address, lets ridicule with gestures and shows unfriendliness towards you.

Other employees began to treat you differently

You have not done anything wrong to any of your team members. So why do most of them behave very strange? The chief has become too preconceived, the staff of your department began to glance at you sidelong? You can not understand what happened to your surroundings? Probably, someone has already started the implementation of his insidious plan. Most likely, he sent other members of the team on a false track, slandering you.

He uses subtle tricks

When we talk about the undermining of trust, this phenomenon has a big difference with outright abuse or insults. The person you suspect will choose for himself subtle methods, and will act in an underhand way. So that you do not suspect anything, this person will calmly continue his work, pretending that he does not care about you. Putting off your vigilance, he will strike a smashing blow.

Body language gives his motives

How can you find out a person who speaks untruth? One of the main criteria is the mismatch of words with sign language. Talking with this person, watch his actions. He can involuntarily wring his hands, turn his eyes away, touch his neck or twirl the hair around his finger. And this is not a complete list of evidence that betrays a liar.

He's trying to impress you on things

If one of the colleagues warns you about the boss's bad mood, they act out of good motivation. But if someone constantly comes to you and puts into your head various negative stories, this person tries to provoke you to radical actions.

From his intent, other employees have already suffered

A well-known proverb says: a humpbacked grave will correct. Unfortunately this is the case. If a person undermines the credibility of one of the colleagues one day, he will do it again and again. It can be compared with a worm that penetrated a ripe apple. Now you feel how in the cohesive collective there are separate groups, each of which pursues its own interests.

You have a bad feeling about this person

When you are dealing with professional undermining, it is important to listen to your intuition. If someone is not very friendly with you, you should feel negative vibrations.

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