Is there a cure for cancer?

Cancer is an oncological disease that does not respond to treatment. Despite the fact that it has been studied by doctors for more than 300 years, the reasons for its appearance have not yet been revealed. Modern medicine can fight the growth of a malignant tumor. However, a cure for cancer has not been found.

Cancer is a mutation of healthy human cells. The immune system of the patient can not define them as malignant, so cancer cells begin to multiply, replacing healthy ones, or completely replacing them.

Chemotherapy and radiation stop the growth and development of malignant cells and slow the course of the disease. However, only 3% of patients manage to finally defeat the swelling tumor according to statistics. And only half of those who are cured of cancer are considered fully recovered.

Some "folk healers" and "healers", not ashamed, cash in on another's grief. They offer some "newest cure for cancer", which, in fact, at best will not produce any result, and at worst - can cause serious poisoning and harm to a person's health.

Do not lag behind them and official medicine in conjunction with pharmacological companies. They annually offer funds to restrain the development of cancer, issuing them for newly invented medicines. In fact, they contain active ingredients that are used in the treatment with chemotherapy.

So who will help to defeat the cancer? The best healer of any disease is his own organism. There is no such disease that a person could not win independently. The immune system of people has been tested for millions of years by the effects of various diseases. And if humanity is still alive, the healing of cancer is also possible due to the internal resources of the body.

When confirming a malignant tumor, you can not tolerate the disease and lose heart. Pretending himself for a long and painful death, a person subconsciously programs his body for inaction. In such cases, the chance of healing is virtually zero, even if the statistics confirm positive examples of recovery. Belief in a successful outcome is the best cure for cancer.

The second thing that needs to be done is to listen to your body and feel what it really lacks for recovery. A person who treats with attention to their inner needs, something resembles a pregnant woman who likes strawberries, herring, strawberries and herring. Do not be shy of this state. Because it is not known in what combination the medicinal properties of food can manifest themselves.

Most often, a sick person falls into a state of depression, in which one wants to retire, the appetite disappears, drowsiness appears, and so on. Here it is worthwhile to correctly understand your body, which reminds you that in isolation, rest is much better. By refusing food, he tries to purify himself of excess substances, slags, poisons, drowsiness indicates nervous and physical exhaustion. Thus, he himself tries to find the key to treatment, to find his cure for cancer.

A special role should be given to nutrition. If you want something to eat - do not deny yourself. However, it is necessary to exclude from the menu complex dishes, seasoned with various food additives. The fact is that the taste of such food is artificial, and most often masks low-quality or even harmful food. The best way out is natural products in raw form or freshly squeezed juices from them.

If there is absolutely no desire, or vice versa, there is a constant need to fill your stomach with any food, then the best way is starvation. In a state of hunger, the body activates most of the internal reserves and, as experience shows, can do without food for more than a month.

The absence of influence from the outside, in the form of substances contained in food, contributes to the normalization of the internal organs, as a result of which the circulatory, respiratory, immune, nervous and other systems begin to work as originally programmed by nature. In fact, people begin to improve their health.

Fasting, as a cure for cancer, is best described by the Austrian healer Rudolph Brois, who argues that no other attempt is possible to overcome the disease, but only with the use of natural remedies.

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