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Why did you lose your appetite?

You that day refuse to eat? Do not you really want to eat? And if you force yourself to eat a little food, then you eat without much desire and appetite. Yes, this is a problem. And to say that you are an absolutely healthy person, not a single doctor will decide. If the appetite is gone, the reasons should be urgently sought and quickly eliminated.

Why do not you want to eat? Business - in the subconscious.

The feeling that you do not want to eat, often occurs in people who want to lose weight. It's all in the subconscious. The brain receives a signal that the food is absolutely undesirable and its consumption leads to a buildup of fat. The brain reacts immediately, deciding that you need to eat less. This makes a person feel that his appetite is gone.

Not always with the desire to lose weight is associated with loss of appetite. Perhaps you have recently suffered stress, or your psychological state is not quite balanced due to any events. This also leads to the fact that you do not want to eat at all. Thoughts are occupied with problems or reflections. It's not up to food!

Appetite and health

Health is directly related to appetite. If the appetite is gone, the cause should be sought and in health. It is necessary to make an appointment for a therapist, a gastroenterologist, a nutritionist, an endocrinologist. It is superfluous to pass tests of urine, blood. Remember that a long absence of appetite leads to stomach disease. Gastritis, cholecystitis, and dysbacteriosis are just some of the diseases that can arise from the loss of appetite. As a result - constant pain in the stomach, exhaustion, weakness.

Other causes of loss of appetite

If you decide to lose weight with a diet, then you need to consult a nutritionist who will explain how and what to eat, at what time to eat. In the case of an incorrectly selected diet, a bad appetite is noticed. An improperly composed diet may lead to rapid weight loss. But the appetite can disappear, which will lead to anorexia.

Harmful and starving. Even one-day fasting can provoke an exacerbation of hidden diseases of the stomach and intestines. Although there is an opinion that fasting is beneficial, it helps to cleanse the intestines, but much more when it harmed. The food should be balanced, properly and reasonably matched.

Appetite may disappear as a result of taking medications, medicinal tinctures or herbal tea. Also, the lack of desire to eat can be associated with bad habits. Smoking, alcohol and drugs dull appetite.

Of course, speaking about the reasons for the lack of appetite, we can not fail to mention that you should eat only quality fresh products. Poisoning and intoxication of the body can lead to a temporary loss of appetite.

Unpleasant consequences

Knowing the reasons why the appetite disappears, it is easy to guess the consequences. And the consequences are quite unpleasant. If a person does not eat for a long time, and in his body does not receive the necessary fats, proteins and carbohydrates, then over time, it is depleted, weakens. There is drowsiness and fatigue. Violated work in the musculoskeletal system. The brain suffers, muscles are atrophied.

Also there are pains in the stomach, there are problems in the intestines. Depletion can lead to weight loss. If a person is rapidly losing weight due to a lack of sufficient food, hospitalization is urgently needed. Anorexia is very difficult to treat. It is considered one of the complex diseases that can not be cured.

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