Why does man eat food?

Food for people is a prerequisite for a full-fledged life. In a state of hunger a person experiences malaise, rapid fatigue and a decrease in mental activity. Why does this happen? And why does a man eat?

Man without food

Food is necessary for all living things: humans, animals, plants. Without food, a person loses the ability to fully perform the usual actions. It is proved that in the state Hunger (but with the use of water) you can live about one and a half months, the exact time depends on the structure of the organism and individual characteristics. Why does man eat? The answer is elementary - to live. Without food, the organs gradually begin to degenerate, the brain cells die, the bones become brittle. In this state, a nervous breakdown occurs, and insanity can occur. But before that, anorexia appears - a disease in which the body does not perceive food. All this is scary enough and leads to death, painful and painful.

Benefits of eating

Why does man eat? To make up for the lack of energy in the body. It is replenished with vitamins contained in food. Each product is useful in its own way. Even sweet sweets, seemingly unnecessary at first glance, give a person carbohydrates - an element that allows them to think and be in good physical activity. Meat helps to saturate the body with fats for well-being and maintaining a tonus. And vegetables give fiber, irreplaceable for good digestion and assimilation of vitamins. If the body does not receive protein, carbohydrates and fats, the metabolism will be disturbed, a person will get anemia and other unpleasant illnesses that worsen the state of health.

Additional benefit

Tasty and beautifully designed food raises mood. Why does man eat? In addition to the benefits for physical health, food also benefits emotional health, suppressing depression and relieving nervous tension. Food should not only be useful, but also tasty, so that she would like to eat, not throw away. Proved by science that if you eat foods without appetite and desire, they will have a negative impact - they will be poorly digested, lead to constipation and intestinal disorders.

What should I eat?

You need everything that contains vitamins. For example, instead of a sandwich from a fast food cafe, it is better to eat a banana. It suppresses the feeling of hunger and gives the body a huge amount of vitamins, including the hormone of joy. As a result, the person gorges on and does not get unnecessary calories, he remains satisfied, but still does not harm the digestive system. You need to eat meat and dairy products - sources of protein and calcium. Without them, the body can not perform its work and at the first opportunity will fail. Vitamins for humans are very important, they need to be obtained from food, not from tablets.

Finding out why a person needs to eat, you are sure to go to the fridge in search of food. Do not take sausage immediately. It is better to make scrambled eggs with cheese or bacon - it's fast and very useful. The organism will certainly thank you, and the intestine will not force you to spend the night in the toilet or suffer further with constipation.

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