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Which Posts in Ukraine are Most Popular Among Foreigners.

The end of the last crisis was marked not only by a new wave of fraud with loans in banks, but also by an increased inflow of personnel to Ukraine. Significantly, this fact is influenced by the fact that Ukraine will host the Euro in 2012. Expats are promised increased benefits and pay almost twice as much as Ukrainians in similar positions.

And employers are not at all embarrassed by the fact that for a foreign worker it is necessary to obtain a work permit before employing it.

So, which representatives of specialties should be afraid that foreign workers will take their bread?

  • Programmers.

As a rule, foreign programmers and developers have a stronger school behind their backs, and the number of projects in which they participated significantly exceeds this figure for the domestic ones.

  • Director of Sales.

Very often, if the sales schedule falls, the business founders invite eminent "salespeople" to train their cadres and raise the bar of income.

  • Managers of risk assessment

Risk management is a fashionable word among company executives. No start of a new project is complete without the participation of a risk assessor.

  • Marketers

Market research is one of the most important stages in the development of any area of activity. And at this stage, very often foreign specialists are involved.

  • Human Resources Managers

There is such a kind of HR managers - head hunters - they are engaged in the search and attraction of the highest level of specialists to the team whose services are in high demand. This method of recruitment in the Ukrainian market has recently appeared, and it is difficult to find domestic specialists who provide such services.

What if your profession was included in this list? Do not forget that by employing you, the employer does not have to issue a work permit. And work so hard that the bosses see that the frame is more valuable than you can not find in any country in the world.

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