Choosing a Car Lift

The situation is such that no client will turn to a car repair shop if it is not well equipped. The most necessary and important is the presence of a car lift , without which it is almost impossible to make a qualitative repair of your car. With their help, it is possible to diagnose the suspension, repair the engine or transmission, change tires, and also perform preventive maintenance. Thus, the owner of the car service should seriously think about choosing the right equipment, taking into account his needs and finances.

First of all, it is necessary to study the main characteristics, as well as the operations performed by it.

The main characteristics: speed, lifting capacity, lifting height, type of construction, clearance.

Lifting capacity is the mass that the lift can easily and safely lift. For small cars, the mass is, as a rule, 1.5 - 5 tons.

Lifting speed - the difference between the models is insignificant, some one - two minutes. Electromechanical devices have a faster speed.

The height of the lift - it, as a rule, does not exceed two meters. The overall height of the car lift is 3.5-3.7 meters on average. If you plan to service minibuses or "gazelles", then the height should be at least 4 meters. For tire fitting, there are special lifts that have a low lifting height.

Clearance - the minimum possible height of the lowering of the feet during installation. As a rule, this height is within the limits of 95-110 mm, but there are specialized lifts with an understated value, within 75-90 mm.

The type of hoist determines the operation of the lifting mechanism and the rules for installing the car.

There is a separation according to the type of drive : electromechanical, pneumohydraulic, electrohydraulic and manual hydraulic.

The design is divided into rack, scissor, mobile column, plunger and special.

For cars / trucks and motorcycles, various lifting equipment is manufactured.

Regarding safety measures: special requirements for mobile lifts and for outdoor lifts. Two-pillar lift - garage equipment of special attention.

It must be remembered that, depending on the type of lift, the frequency of its maintenance also differs. For example, an electromechanical hoist requires a daily inspection of the nuts of the safety nut. If the gap is too small - do not delay the replacement of worn out parts of the lift. Rubbing parts must be greased periodically. On expensive models, the lubrication is automatic.

We really hope that our advice will help you in your choice.

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