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Victor Zakharchenko: biography, achievements and interesting facts

A person born in a Cossack family will follow the traditions of his people throughout his life and conform to his status with all his heart and soul. It is such a person is Viktor Zakharchenko - a Cossack in the shower and outside. His fame was brought by the artistic leadership of the Kuban Cossack choir and the creation of a song symphony.

The Kuban Cossack

Victor Zakharchenko was born in the village of Dyadkovskaya, located eighty kilometers from Krasnodar. His father worked as a shoemaker, his mother was a collective farmer. Born in a simple family, Zakharchenko was a surprisingly gifted guy. Years later he became a composer, publicist, folklorist and permanent leader of the Kuban Cossack Choir. A close friend of the composer, Cossack and general director of the agro-industrial complex "Kuban-Lux" Nikolay Liuty, said that all the residents of the village are proud and believe that there is no man more legendary than Viktor Gavrilovich Zakharchenko. His biography has many awards and titles, but the most kind and touching stories are from childhood. When he was still a boy, the village was occupied by Germans, from whom he heard the sound of a national accordion. Once he found the instrument on the bench and immediately started playing it. It gave birth to dreams about his own so attractive and ringing instrument. After a while his dream came true and his mother gave him an accordion, bought in Korenovsk. Fortunately, the future star had no limits, he even went to bed together with an expensive instrument.

Boy with a dream

In his childhood Victor Zakharchenko was an ordinary boy with a great desire to learn and create. Once, as a fifth-grade student, he even decided to write a letter to Stalin. He wrote that the children of the village and he personally have a great desire to develop in the music field, and there is not even a bayan in the school. "Nobody is dealing with us at all," Viktor Zakharchenko wrote. His biography, thanks to this letter, was supplemented with an unexpected story for all about how a commission with a check came into the village. The check came home to the boy, which greatly frightened Mom, and then went to school and chided the director for not paying enough attention to the creative development of the students. As it turned out, the composer really wanted and hoped that he would be taken with him and taught everything, but in fact the inspectors said that he needed to grow up a little and only then come to study music.

The Light of God

Victor Gavrilovich in the nineties came to the fact that he did not understand deeply enough the essence of the Cossack song. As it turned out, the Cossacks were deeply religious people, and put their religious foundation in their works. Realizing that he did not have enough knowledge about Orthodoxy, the composer went to church, confessed and decided to participate in the choir songs in the choir. He immersed himself in the study of spiritual literature and only then could he understand the whole essence of Orthodoxy. Thanks to the hundredfold increased love for God, the songs of Viktor Zakharchenko even sounded different - it was penetrating and solemn.

Victor Zakharchenko. The Kuban Cossack Choir

The official date of foundation of the Kuban Cossack Choir is October 14, 1811. On this day, the choir sang for the first time in the church service dedicated to the Protection of the Holy Virgin. Long-standing existence was interrupted by a decree, which resolved the dissolution of the choir on July 10, 1921. Only fifteen years later the Kuban Cossack Choir was revived under the leadership of Grigory Kontsevich and Yakov Taranenko. Victor Zakharchenko began to direct the choir in 1974. His goal was to revive the classical Cossack choir and preserve the traditions of its people. Victor Zakharchenko The Kuban Cossack Choir immortalized on fourteen collections of long forgotten Cossack songs. Thanks to his boundless love for the culture of his people today, this choir is not just a group of people performing long-forgotten songs, but the only state creative association in Russia, which is all-inclusive engaged in the revival of the Kuban folk culture. And all this is due to the fact that the Kuban Choir Viktor Zakharchenko loves a special love, like his child.

The word in the Kuban song

To the question: "What is created first - music or words?" - Victor Gavrilovich with confidence responds that words. He certainly respects music and treats her with all the trepidation and love, but even in the Gospel it is written that in the beginning there was a word. The process of the birth of a new song by Victor Gavrilovich is very simple. He first takes the verses, no, he does not read them, but he invariably sings, and if the melody touches him, a new song is born. Songs given to people by the Kuban Cossack Choir tell of love to the girl, to the mother, to the sweet heart of the house and to her immense Motherland. According to Victor Gavrilovich, the song is the simplest genre in music, it is easy to perceive even for children. But out of his soul burst out indignation over the repertoire of contemporary singers. There is nothing bright and kind in them, and that's why the Kuban Cossack choir takes on such exalted feelings to listeners.

Dreams of a happy man

Zakharchenko often reads the Gospel, in which the apostle Paul speaks a lot about the poor. In Russia, penniless meets almost every second, and this worries the composer very much. But, he said, financial poverty is not the worst. There is nothing more terrible than spiritual poverty. The people do not believe in their country, they do not sing patriotic songs. Victor Gavrilovich considers himself to be a happy person, as he is involved in God's intention and popular culture. And most importantly, he dreams of sharing this with others. And his dream came true - he brings to the listeners through the songs of the Kuban Cossack Choir the spiritual culture of the forefathers. Concert tours - this, of course, is good, but Viktor Gavrilovich had a great desire to celebrate the anniversary of the Kuban Cossack Choir on the stage of the Kremlin. The dream came true in 2012, and now Victor Gavrilovich lives with the feeling that all dreams come true, the main thing is to believe and strive.

Cossacks spend two hundred years singing

Two hundred years from the date of formation was the Kuban Cossack Choir in 2012. The artistic director of the collective decided to christen him with the words "The best for 200 years". This anniversary is difficult to call a concert, it is rather a tribute and a bow to the people who stood at the origins of the formation of the Kuban Cossack Choir. Musicians who saw the offensive of Napoleon, the singers, who support the spirit of the people in times of famine and cold, regents who go along with all along the thorny path of the Cossacks. But, despite all the difficulties, the choir continued its existence and preserved the traditions of the Cossacks of different generations. The jubilee was celebrated on the stage of the Kremlin Palace. The participants of the performance were almost five hundred experienced Cossacks and young Cossacks. From the stage, sounded the best historical songs and fascinating novelties. The audience could not take their eyes off the most beautiful choreographic production. Dashing Cossack dances, glitter blade blades, virtuosic fights on checkers and pikes, traditional Cossack suits created a truly historic atmosphere.

Victor Zakharchenko. The Cossack family

The principal person in any choir is the conductor. It is he who creates the necessary atmosphere and tunes the musicians to the right way. The main conductor of the Kuban Cossack Choir is his artistic director Viktor Gavrilovich Zakharchenko. The director of the choir was Anatoly Egorovich Arefiev. In the post of assistant artistic director is working honored cultural worker of the Kuban Victoria Viktorovna Zakharchenko. Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea Elena N. Arefyeva took on the duties of choreographer. For the quality of singing in the Kuban Cossack Choir, Honored Artist of Russia, Kuban, Principal Chorus Master Natalya Korotenko-Guba. Help her two more chorus master - Polina Vladimirovna Yareshko and Andrei Mikhailovich Kobelkov. Listening to the favorite songs of the Kuban Cossack Choir, the viewer hears more than fifty voices of different artists. Incendiary Cossack dances are performed by more than twenty ballet dancers under the direction of tutor Leonid I. Tereshchenko. And thirteen wonderful orchestra artists delight their listeners with the music of the Kuban Cossack Choir by playing the accordion, balalaika, trumpet, double bass, flute and oboe.

What the Cossacks sing about

The repertoire of the Kuban Cossack Choir is wide and varied. The song symphony of Victor Zakharchenko is famous for its unusual philosophical depth. His inspiration he seeks in the works of Blok, Lermontov, Yesenin, Tsvetaeva and many other Russian poets. He does not try to sing them, because it has long been realized, Victor Gavrilovich, rather, learns poetry in a folklore way. On the stage, the Kuban Cossack Choir performs many folk songs, including "My Grass, Grass", "Komariki-fly flies", "The dust is rolling around the roads", "Oh, Katyusha walked along the steep hill," "Oh, Track ". Also an important place is occupied by songs based on the poems of Russian poets: "The Spring Thunderstorm", "The Russian Star", "Mother's Prayer", "Troitsyno Morning", "The storm darkness covers the sky", "The Bell-ringing". These and many other author's works by Victor Zakharchenko are called "The Song Symphony of Viktor Zakharchenko". They can not help attracting attention to the Black Sea songs ("There in the Kuban", "Unharness, cotton, konei") and songs of linear Cossacks ("Oh, on the mourning mantel", "Oh, dark clouds").

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