Bella Begonia 3 * (ex.Hanoi Golden 4 Hotel), Vietnam, Nha Trang: description, reviews and pictures tourists

Vietnam ... this beautiful corner of the planet Earth literally teems with modern hotels and hotels with the highest level of quality of service for the guests.

Nha Trang is a resort that is very popular with domestic tourists. A long and sometimes tedious flight is almost immediately forgotten, the code of the person steps on this beautiful land. It is here that the best beaches of Vietnam are located. From all sides the city is surrounded by incredible beauty rice plantations, surrounded by mountain peaks.

Most tourists choose Nha Trang for its beaches and entertainment. The resort provides all opportunities for a full rest, relaxation and evening walks. But everything should be in moderation. Many nightclubs operate here only until midnight, so tourists who prefer a quiet beach holiday, may not worry for their internal state.

Nha Trang is an ideal place for diving, the best in all of Vietnam. Water remains transparent up to 30 m deep. Sea inhabitants are full of diversity. In these waters, you can find various kinds of corals, sharks, rays, colorful fish and jellyfish. Places to dive very much. A large number of specialized stores for diving.

Tourists are offered daily fascinating sea walks with the possibility of immersion.

One of the numerous places for accommodation is the hotel Bella Begonia Nha Trang Hotel 3 *. Describing this hotel, it is worth mentioning that the infrastructure here is no worse than in other more expensive resorts.

general information

There is a hotel complex in the popular, but at the same time quite quiet area of Vietnam - Nyachange. The distance to the comfortable sandy beach on the sea coast is about 900 meters, which is quite a bit. For living the hotel offers 48 comfortable and cozy rooms with comfortable beds, air conditioning, refrigerators, miniature bars, bathrooms, equipped with a shower or a bath and other necessary accessories.

The apartment has an Internet connection, as well as a landline telephone.

Each room has a wardrobe or a dressing room, a work desk and a dressing table for making make-up. In addition, each room is equipped with a safe for storing personal belongings and valuables.

Also available are replaceable shower kits and hygienic supplies. For tourists in the hotel of businessmen there is a big hall for conferences and important meetings, equipped with the most modern technical "stuffing".

The reception staff are ready to clarify the information of interest throughout the day.

Additional services

For "mobile" visitors to the hotel, having their own car, there is a transport area, consisting of several dozen parking spaces. Family couples with kids are invited to use the services of an experienced nanny with a pedagogical education and extensive experience. At guests' disposal there is always a laundry with an option of dry cleaning things, an ironing room, rental of entertainment equipment and bicycles.

For children there is a spacious and bright game room with an abundance of various educational games. Among other things, at Bella Begonia 3 * (Vietnam, Nyachag) you can easily exchange cash at the current exchange rate and book a very interesting excursion.

The hotel has a room for receptions. Vacationers can use the elevator chamber to move between floors, and the smoking public can satisfy their addiction in specially designated places.

Possibility to order the services of the paid concierge. Buy tickets and transfer from the airport to the hotel and back is possible at the expense of the hotel. Arriving at this hotel, you will get an unforgettable pleasure and experience incredible comfort.


Meals in the restaurants at the hotel are provided by the "all inclusive" system or by a pre-agreed menu. Absolutely freely you can taste delicacies from seafood, meat dishes, desserts, soft drinks and other dishes.


The distance from the hotel complex to the airport is 26 kilometers, which is quite possible to overcome in less than 1 hour.

Lovers of shopping and getting a lot of thrills will definitely choose this hotel for living, as its building is within walking distance of water entertainment stations and all kinds of shopping centers with a huge selection of goods. As already mentioned earlier, vacationers have the opportunity to contemplate from the windows of their rooms the seashore and picturesque landscape.

In more detail can tell about the hotel Bella Begonia 3 * (Vietnam) reviews of tourists.

Guest comments

According to the experience of experienced tourists, the view from the window should not be the main criterion when choosing a room. Holidaymakers tend to spend most of the time outside the hotel, and only in the evening they can watch the pictures outside the window. But in Nyachang it gets dark very early, and from the windows of the rooms you will not see either the sea or the beautiful landscapes. Many people even advise choosing apartments overlooking the street or the city. In the night lights, it looks more impressive than the dark sea.

The best apartments in the hotel Bella Begonia 3 * - rooms "Deluxe" on the 5th floor. The room is divided into 2 zones - a bedroom and a living room. The bed is very comfortable, a comfortable sleep is exactly assured to you. In the living room there is a sofa and a small table. The balcony is combined with the adjacent room. The room has a full set of necessary furniture and appliances. The dressing room is quite spacious with a jacuzzi and a walk-in shower. Guests are provided with towels (4 per guest) and a set of hygiene items (2 shampoos and shower gel).

Many tourists return to the Bella Begonia Hotel 3 * precisely because of the comfortable rooms.

How to spend time in the hotel

On the roof of the complex there is a nice pool of small sizes. From here an amazing view of the city landscape and the sea coast opens. There is also a bar, which can not only be visited by hotel guests. Many travelers who came to Nha Trang, but for one reason or another reside in other hotel complexes, often visit this place especially in the evenings. Here they prepare the most delicious cocktails. In the morning the bar is visited only by the guests of the complex, but in the evenings it is packed to capacity. In addition to a variety of snacks until 20.00, you can order full lunches and dinners, which will be prepared in the hotel restaurant. Fans of a foamy drink claim that it is in this bar that they offer the most delicious and cheap beer. Here you can get new acquaintances and subsequently jointly visit excursions.

In the evenings, you can not even go anywhere, the bar on the roof is an ideal place for leisure.

About nutrition

The majority of clients of the Bella Begonia 3 * hotel choose the option of accommodation with included breakfasts. You can have dinner and supper in your free time, without getting attached to the place.

Breakfast consists of a variety of dishes, which are provided in large quantities. The restaurant always has a pleasant atmosphere, air conditioning. From 7.00 to 10.00 a buffet is served. The kitchen is mostly European, but there are also traditional dishes. Several types of fruits are served daily. The service staff works excellently. Behind a separate chef's desk, directly at the clients prepare different dishes.

For customers who are going on an excursion early in the morning, the restaurant staff will pack breakfast in a plastic container.

About location

Hotel ex Hanoi Golden 4 * Hotel is located on the 3rd line, but this is more of a positive moment than a disadvantage. All entertainment facilities are located right here. The beach is only 10 minutes walk. The only drawback of the rooms, the windows of which look out onto the street - are very noisy. But, if you book an apartment on the upper floors, then the noise is almost not audible.

About the personnel

The service at the hotel is organized very well. The staff is friendly to the guests and tries to fulfill any instructions. It is rare to see gloomy faces. Everyone smiles, politely communicates and even speaks Russian a little.

Rooms are cleaned daily and quality.

For small tips the hotel staff are ready to work even better, although without additional incentive they do their job very well.

The positive moments of staying at the Bella Begonia 3 *

  1. Convenient location.
  2. Excellent food.
  3. Excellent service.
  4. Good infrastructure.
  5. Rooms are equipped with everything necessary (there is air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, cutlery, tea-making set, cupboard, hairdryer, bathrobe, slippers, safe, free water).
  6. There is the possibility of renting a vehicle, ordering a taxi.
  7. Tours are provided.
  8. Good Wi-Fi throughout the complex.
  9. Wonderful bar on the roof.
  10. Spacious and cozy restaurant.
  11. Safe in room.


Disadvantages of the hotel are so insignificant that most of the guests even pay no attention to them. But still it is worth to say about them.

  1. Some rooms have small windows.
  2. For so many guests, too small a pool.

General impressions

Those who dream of an unforgettable vacation in a picturesque place must go to Vietnam. Nha Trang is ideal for young couples, big companies and even moms with young children. The beaches of this resort are clean, spacious and not crowded.

The hotel complex Bella Begonia 3 * (Vietnam, Nha Trang) takes pride of place among the best hotels in its price category. Rest here can afford even tourists with an average income. Despite the availability, the conditions for staying here are just wonderful. That there is only one pool on the roof. Floating, you can contemplate all the beauties of the city.

Well organized and catering. The food here is very tasty and varied. In the district there are many cafes and restaurants with good prices. Once upon a time Nyachang was a small fishing village. Today it is a popular resort, but the local people enthusiastically continue fishing. Therefore, there are so many seafood here, and the prices for them are simply ridiculous.

Service in the hotel at the highest level, and the tip does not affect it at all.

Interesting places for leisure and entertainment in the district are many, bored here just will not work.

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