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How to cook dough for pizza without yeast

Recently, the cuisine of Italy began to gain popularity . A variety of Italian dishes, their originality still did not leave anyone indifferent. One of the most famous dishes that came to us from the Apennine peninsula is pizza. It outperformed its competitors due to unlimited variety of filling and a thin, crunchy dough.

The pizza consists of three components: a filling that everyone chooses to taste, a sauce that can be tomato or made on the basis of cream, and a dough.

There are two types of dough: yeast and dough for pizza without yeast. Each of these species also has many variations, and each cook prepares it in different ways, depending on the preferences. Some like it when a thin dough for pizza without yeast in a pizza crunches, and others like to cook dough for pizza without yeast soft, tender.

Prepare the dough by the proportion: two measures of flour need half of the same measure of liquid (water or milk), as well as a pinch of salt, a couple of eggs and a little vegetable oil. To improve the taste, you can replace the vegetable oil with olive oil, which will give the dish a pleasant aroma.

To make a simple dough for pizza without yeast, it is necessary to pour the flour into a deep bowl, add salt there, and in another bowl mix eggs, butter and milk. Homogenous egg-milk mass must be poured into the flour and carefully mix this mixture. After ten to fifteen minutes of blending, an elastic, soft mass will be obtained, which should be given a spherical shape and covered with a slightly moistened towel.

After this time, the dough for pizza without yeast should be rolled out into a thin, translucent layer and, taking it from one side, gently shifted onto the sheet. When shifting it is necessary to prevent the formation of breaks on the test, otherwise the filling will leak onto the sheet and burn. If the dough has already torn, you should gently snap the rupture with your fingers. After that, the rupture place must be re-leveled with a rolling pin. The dough, laid on the sheet, must be greased with a sauce prepared with your own hand, or bought in a store. On the sauce should be laid out grated cheese, and then put on top of all the other ingredients that you have chosen as a filling. After completing all these steps, you need to put a sheet of pizza in the preheated oven and bake for a while - depending on the desired consistency of the dough.

As soon as the dough is baked to the desired state, the sheet must be pulled out and the pizza delivered to a hot table - either cut into a general dish, which will look more spectacular, or spread out over the plates. To improve the taste, it should be sprinkled with finely chopped herbs and poured with the usual olive oil or olive oil, infused with herbs.

Pizza dough without yeast is a very important component of the dish and a rather difficult stage in its preparation, since, despite its elasticity, it easily gives in to various injuries, which requires particularly careful handling. In addition, if the dough is not sufficiently baked, pieces of pizza will bend when lifted, which will make the pizza consumption process uncomfortable and therefore less pleasant. If you bake it more than necessary, it will be tough.

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