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Sights of the Dominican Republic. Diving in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic was discovered in late 1492 by Columbus. At the same time, the foundation of historical cities began on this territory. They have survived to our days with ancient architecture, many interesting cathedrals and churches, palaces and castles. Also, many buildings did not pass the test of time, but left in memory of themselves ancient ruins.

Attractions of the Dominican Republic include natural resources: mountains, national parks, waterfalls, tropical forests, caves, groves ...

Santo domingo

It is traditionally recommended to start acquaintance with the country from the capital - the original and sultry city of Santo Domingo, which is the birthplace of the best cigars in the world and the cradle of the legendary meringue. Look first in the oldest in America Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is included in the UNESCO list. Constructed from coral golden limestone, it combines Baroque and Gothic in its appearance. There is a version that it is here that the remains of Columbus lie.

Arriving in Santo Domingo, it is also worth visiting the Museum of Tobacco, discovering the charm of the first monastery in the country and just walking through the picturesque city streets. Behind the facades of the former colonial palaces today are hidden cool cafes, cozy museums, famous restaurants and chic hotels.

Puerto Plata

Of course, the main attractions of the Dominican Republic are its beaches - pearly white, long, strewn with velvety soft sand and washed by a very clean and warm sea. The most popular coasts are in the province of Puerto Plata, located in the north of the country.

In addition, many diverse churches are concentrated here. If religious buildings are not attractive, you can visit the most interesting museums, the most popular of which is the Amber Museum.

In Puerto Plata, the cable car starts directly to the mountains. Above is a copy of the Brazilian statue of Jesus. At the top of the mountain is an amazing nature, thanks to which the botanical garden is broken.


Very diverse sights of the Dominican Republic. What to see for those who have little interest in historical objects? Of course, the main beauties of the country are not made by hands. Mother Nature has created a local landscape in such a way that no one recognized sculptor, artist or architect will be able to repeat even a tenth of this magnificence. All the sights of the Dominican natural nature for one trip can not be surveyed, and first of all it is worth visiting the environs of the city of Kharabakoa, where, perhaps, the most beautiful and fascinating waterfalls in the Caribbean are El Salto-Jimenoa, Balneario de la Confluence, El -Salto de Bayagate, Balneario de la Guazaras.

However, the most spectacular drop in water is demonstrated by the luxurious El Limon, which is located on the peninsula of Samana.

Altos de Chavon

It is also called the city of artists. Here, too, the popular attractions of the Dominican Republic are concentrated, and the most recognizable of them is the Greek amphitheater, housing up to five thousand people. It was built with the money of Frank Sinatra, who at one time was attracted to the development of this city. Different stars of Hollywood began to come to Altos de Chavon to give a small concert or simply to have a rest.

The town could not do without its own church, and here was built the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus. But in Altos de Chavon to this day remains a huge peg to the art of painting. There are numerous art galleries and a school of design, there are craft workshops, souvenir shops and other attractions.

Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)

This resort is the best in the country. It is famous for its sand, white as paper, and the wonderful coconut palms that stretch across the whole territory. There are three national parks and mangrove forests nearby.

In Manati Park visitors can see tropical birds, exotic animals, reptiles, visit the museum, which is dedicated to the culture of Aboriginal people. For guests regularly arrange swimmers with dolphins and various entertainment programs with dancing horses and parrots.

Located in the southern part of the resort, the park "Natural Eyes" boasts a vast territory and five hundred species of exotic animals.

Those who want to get acquainted with the life of the inhabitants of coastal waters can go to Marinaarium and see with their own eyes electric rays, predatory sharks, and also to immerse in the mysterious underwater world.

As a cultural object in Punta Cana is worth visiting the house of the famous scientist Ponce de Leon - a building built more than half a century ago. Juan Ponce de Leon lived here with his wife and four children, and then moved to Puerto Rico. However, this man is still proud of the Dominican Republic.

Excursions that are offered at the resort also include trips to Santo Domingo, St. Catalina, Altos de Chavon, Saona Island, jeep safari, whale watching, funfun cave, fishing.

El Choco National Park

If you take into account all the natural attractions of the Dominican Republic, it turns out that this one is the youngest, but this fact did not prevent it from becoming very popular. On the territory of an area of 77 square meters. Kilometers are dense tropical thickets, covering mountain formations, pasture land. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Cordillera hills stretches lagoon Gollet and Cabaret. Here is the zest of the reserve - a cave complex with underground pools called the "Caribbean Karst".

Park El Choko is simply buried in tropical greenery. About 40 species of birds live here and about nine hundred varieties of plants grow.

Diving in the Dominican Republic

The country is widely known for underwater tourism. Here it is proposed to dive deep into the depths of the sea. Secrets of the sunken ships of the Atlantic and the rich underwater world of the Caribbean Sea make diving in the Dominican Republic very interesting and bright. Many resorts operate dive centers, whose specialists teach newcomers in this matter and improve the skills of already skilled divers.

The most impressive and rich is considered to be scuba diving in the Caribbean Sea. And on the Atlantic coast for divers the most interesting is Punta Cana with its sunken ships and fabulous reefs.


The sights of the Dominican Republic are endless beaches, the rumbling of beautiful waterfalls, incendiary rhythms of merengue, the bottomless sky above the head and shrill screams of parrots. Be sure, a trip to this amazing Caribbean country will give you amazing impressions and unforgettable emotions.

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