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Remodeling an apartment in a panel house: where to start?

Having decided to radically change their dwelling, many people do not stop at the banal overhaul, they start a global change of the premises. In this case, do not forget that the redevelopment of the apartment in the panel house must be carried out according to the general scheme, approved by law. The specifics of this process and the requirements imposed on it depend on the technical characteristics of the building and its features. If one negligently treats the preparation of the project, they can refuse to agree, in which case all the work and time will be wasted.

The preparatory stage is best to begin with determining the type of walls. They, as you know, can be load-bearing, self-supporting and non-carrying. The houses of the old building are different in that the internal walls in the living quarters are often carrier. Remodeling an apartment in a panel house in this case significantly limits the actions of designers, but it can become a fundamental factor for refusal when agreeing on a project. When changing the device of an apartment, it is recommended to choose an option that does not involve the destruction of load-bearing walls.

However, the redevelopment of an apartment in a panel house most often involves Unification of the bathroom. It is the process of altering this room that can be considered the most troublesome and laborious. It is possible to combine a toilet and a bathroom at the expense of a kitchen premise, having cut through an aperture in the common wall. It is worth noting that this kind of reorganization of the apartment plan requires coordination without fail. After all, most often the common wall between the kitchen and the bathroom is a carrier, and in the arrangement of the doorway part of it will have to be removed. Also, this redevelopment has another unwritten rule, which must be met: if the kitchen is supposed to install a gas stove, the opening must be closed with a door. If the stove in the kitchen is electric, you can leave the opening unclosed, equipping the interior arch with in its place.

Stages of reconciliation reconfiguration

Having decided to change the arrangement of rooms in his dwelling, a person first thinks about his convenience and comfort, he does not get tired to look at the photo design of apartments that are offered by numerous architectural and design firms. However, few people care about all the complexities of construction and technical nature that can arise at the stage of harmonization of re-planning.

It should be noted that the process of reconciliation is not an easy task. To get permission to reorganize your home, you will have to bypass many instances, create and agree on a project. Some people believe that nothing terrible will happen if they remake the apartment on their own without telling the appropriate city services. However, unauthorized redevelopment of an apartment in a panel house threatens hapless builders with a large fine, and in some cases even with confiscation of real estate.

After reconciliation and reorganization of the apartment, its owner receives a new passport for real estate and a new certificate of ownership. These documents confirm that all actions were carried out with the permission of the relevant authorities.

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