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Japanese Kaizen Principle

You never thought about what the phenomenal economic success of Japanese companies, which at one time made a fantastic breakthrough, and without slowing down its development. The West was struck by such a course of action. And when specialists of all stripes and ranks analyzed the situation, the conclusion was incredibly simple - it's all about the notorious Japanese principle "kaizen" - the principle of continuous improvement.

Having built the most detailed business processes in their corporations, Japanese business did not stop there. Companies closely monitor all failures, all conflict situations and continuously continue to make changes to those rules, those business technologies and processes that are implemented in the company. At the same time, in this process of analyzing the existing situation and searching for improvement of any detail, any element of existing processes, all employees of the company are involved.

For example, let's take a beauty salon. Now some consulting companies successfully conduct consulting services and sales training services for beauty salons. A beauty salon is a kind of small business. In the case of the salon business, it is important to understand the very principle that there can not be rules once and for all. It is important to understand that a living, developing company needs constant improvement of its internal laws, needs both active reaction to new problems, and attention to proposals that prevent possible problems.

This is a very important understanding.

And if you can implement in your team a culture of responsible and thoughtful attitude to everything that happens in the company, a culture of careful attention to possible improvements (which, in the end employee, since they will make the system more profitable), then you will immediately feel how your business will begin Swiftly gain momentum. Without additional investment. A is simply due to hidden internal reserves !!!

A corporate culture and a system of staff motivation effectively support the initiative of each employee, which tracks at each workplace those moments that prevent the work process from approaching the ideal. Every employee, from the most ordinary to the top manager, understands and feels in practice that companies are important to his observations, important proposals are important, it is important to make joint efforts to make the company's work the most effective. The task of everyone is to optimize the work, introducing proposals on changing accepted norms and technologies of interaction, the task of the head - analyzing correctly formulated proposals, assessing the southern consequences of potential changes, and making a decision to prepare the company for the forthcoming changes. Many specially in their descriptions in some ways simplify the work of the principle of kaizen.

Learn to encourage employees for active initiative. Encourage the way you can. Enter prizes for the best offer of the month. Make a decision: that, for the year will collect the greatest number of these prizes, to thank with an expensive and significant gift. Think of any other support for anyone who starts to treat your business as your own: will think, look, observe and formulate.

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