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Guessing on the coffee grounds - help in solving many issues

The most popular type of predictions, enjoying great interest, is the usual guessing on the coffee grounds. Millions of people start their day with a cup of coffee. This strong aromatic drink has unusual properties. Perhaps because of the cheerfulness that a person receives from a drunk cup, coffee prescribes a magical meaning.

It is very interesting to guess with the help of coffee grounds , and if you learn to do this, then in time you can become a real expert in this field, begin to predict the future and protect people from making mistakes.

Guessing is a kind of cheat sheet, a clue that warns about future changes, helps solve a difficult life task, warns against the danger that has arisen. And if, to put a little imagination and to include associative thinking, guessing on the coffee grounds can be a useful and enjoyable pastime that can brighten up leisure and add a special flavor to a friendly party.

Technology divination is simple, so do not be afraid to do something wrong. Most importantly, coffee should be a natural variety. Brew it in the way that is most familiar. Freshly brewed drink should be drunk completely. During the process of coffee drinking, it is worth considering the question of divination, and tune in to what will have to look into the future, and it's not so simple. It is very important: if there is no clearly formulated question, guessing on the coffee grounds becomes meaningless. Of course, it is unlikely that the whole picture of the future will open in one pattern at a time. When the coffee is finished, and only the thicker remains at the bottom of the cup, it is necessary to tilt it over the plate with one sharp but accurate movement. The sediment that remained on the cup, let it be there, will also be needed for prediction.

At the next stage all the fun begins: what does it matter the guessing on the coffee grounds, which lurks in unusual spots?

You can interpret the signs on a saucer and a cup in different ways. For example, in different sources there are several meanings of the circle: a wedding, good luck in business, a great misfortune, empty efforts, pregnancy. But the main reason for guessing is that a person sees first and foremost personal symbols that are more likely to affect him in the future. And to someone who has a decent experience with mantle systems, it's easy to decipher any coil of the thick. This is, for example, when unraveling dreams: the dream book says one thing, and the person understands that the dream speaks about something else. And the more often such an analysis is made, the more transparent the understanding becomes.

When making a guess on the coffee grounds, it is believed that the remainder in the cup - speaks about the past and the present, and what is on the saucer - shows the future.

There is the following interpretation of the coffee stains left in the cup.

The more the symbol or sign, the more tangible the impact on human life.

The closer the patterns are to the edge of the mug, the sooner that is seen will come true. The period can be from a week to a month. Conversely, the closer the arrangement of signs to the bottom, the longer the event will be delayed, approximately, from a month to a year.

The cup handle speaks about the most inquiring one, about his person. The closer the sign to this element, the more it affects at the present moment the life of a person.

Color also speaks volumes. The darker shows the degree of pressure on a person's internal problems. The lighter the circle, the happier and more joyful life. Of course, this rule will not correspond to reality if the coffee grounds were incorrectly poured out and it completely leaked from the dishes.

Further, when the divination is performed on coffee, the interpretation of symbols, which are great, can be learned from various sources. There are books in which characters are decoded, as well as various resources on the network. So, for example, scissors talk about a quarrel or separation, but a flower about the execution of a conceived desire.

To believe in fortune telling or not is your right, but there is something magical about it.

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