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Numerology of numbers: the meaning of number 8. Essence and numerology 8, the figure of eight in life

An interesting and exciting science that treats the designation of numbers in human life, their magical influence and strength is numerology of numbers. The value of 8 is not known to everyone. Although the figure symbolizes welfare, success, luck and reliability. Knowing the message of the eight, significance and importance, it can be used as a protective talisman or talisman.

What is the number 8 in numerology: value, fate and its advantages

The figure 8 is also called divine, "the gift of the Lord." She as if "covers the wing of prosperity" of a person, gives an opportunity to feel happy and in demand.

The fundamental characteristic of the eight is success in all endeavors and deeds, luck, materialization of the embodiment conceived into reality. It helps and stimulates the person to action, gives the desire to fight, fills with strength. Despite the obstacles and obstacles in life, he achieves what he wants, he goes ahead. The figure is strong-willed and resolute, it seems that it is subject to unrealistic plans and dreams.

It has a complex character, even the writing of the figure eight speaks about its duality and uniqueness, the existing problem is solved in several ways. One situation looks at the same time with two different views. The figure has two origins: masculine and feminine, which explains this behavior and life position.

In business

Promotion of a person on the career ladder controls the number 8 in numerology. The importance for the business of the eight is extremely valuable, since it has a powerful charge that sets one's way to prosperity and well-being. The figure has a positive effect on the favorable outcome of a business transaction, the signing of beneficial contracts. It is desirable that she was involved in the name of the company, store, business and in the office phone number. The more it is in the work area, the better things are going, and the business is getting better. The Eight has a magnetic property.

It is like attracting money, success and the growth of cash injections or investments. With it you can not be afraid to take risky decisions, as it is displayed as a constant success in all endeavors. Want to develop professionally, and that your business brings dividends, then pay attention to the number 8 in numerology. The importance for business of this figure opens the prospect of growth and progress, it is like a "key" opening new doors of prosperity. A person born under her influence achieves the set goals, develops professionally, occupies executive positions, or owns large enterprises.

Number 8 in numerology - the value of birth under the figure-eight

If she is present at the date of birth, she characterizes the person as a kind, cordial, understanding and conscientious. For such a person, a career is above all, and family and friends are not the main priority in life. Personality-eight can not sit idle, it must always be in motion, be something busy. Sometimes a person forgets to even rest, which will negatively affect health. It is necessary to balance work and rest. The Eight is inclined to self-flagellation, seeks faults and flaws in itself, tries to be the first in everything and always, the spirit of rivalry prevails in its character. The person born under 8 speaks the truth, does not like lies and demands the same from others.

Success and prosperity await a person whose birth date is more than two 8, since an inverted number means infinity. And systematic luck and success will accompany the lucky man all his life. He is fortunate in fortune, he is doomed to a happy life.

Love relationship

In love and marriage numerology of numbers the meaning of number 8 treats in two ways. The Eight does not accept treason and betrayal. She loves sincerely and selflessly, but because of her ambitions and spirit of leadership she often does not pay proper attention to the second half, thereby provoking the possibility of parting. Adoration and adoration is vitally important for her, but it is worth considering that love must be mutual. After all, relationships are doomed, if one loves, and another allows to be near.


Children for eights - a real gift of fate. Therefore, they try to instill from childhood the child's will to victory, determination and the desire to be the first.

But do not forget that children can not be a copy of an adult, they tend to frolic, naughty, make mistakes. The Eight controls his child, educates him in Spartan conditions, not allowing to be weak or at least somehow show his weakness.

Digit 8 abilities

The ability to apply talents in various fields of activity helps numerology numbers. The value of the number 8 indicates that it has a large-scale impact in matters related to trade, industry and management of certain work processes. The G-8 man perfectly copes with leading positions, knows how to control the actions of subordinates. He is proactive, has a lot of creative ideas, at times seeming ridiculous or impracticable. But thanks to intuition and the ability to feel where he is in danger, he can easily cope with any difficult situation and find a way out. Such a person is able to take the company out of distress, sending the rest of the staff on the right track. Eight can lead people, find strength to persuade and has the gift of foresight.

It will be fruitful to work in real estate and banking. She is not alien to the painstaking work on a bale of financial documentation and reporting. Eight with ease will cope with the organization and management of the land business.

The person-eight will be interested in politics and investment projects. And in particularly large, large-scale management. Also in literature and journalism, she is "like a fish in the water." It is easy for her to achieve success in this field. Career in the publishing house or writing books, keeping or managing the newspaper - there is nothing simpler! For her there are no impossible tasks, all on the shoulder.

Purposefulness and the desire to achieve excellent results in the profession make eights a successful people. She is talented in everything from music to building specialization. Thanks to sincere sincerity and truthfulness, he is an excellent orator who will lead the crowd. Do not be afraid to seem ridiculous and misunderstood.

Negative quality figures 8

A fairly serious science is the numerology of numbers. The meaning of the number 8 in the fate of a person depends on the ability to suppress the negative properties of the figure. After all, excessive ambition and cynicism, thirst for money are the defining features of eights.

A person who can not cope and cope with the strength of the number, runs the risk of remaining alone and misunderstood. The desire to be always in the forefront, notable and rich, makes him a prisoner of the eight. Well-being, prosperity, fame and popularity is good, but do not neglect family values, forget about your relatives and your health.


Now you know the essence and numerology 8. The meaning of the eight in life is very strong. Such a figure can change everything for the better. If it does not control you, then let it serve as a talisman, which will favorably influence the future, your career growth and family relationships. After all, 8 is luck, success, strength and the ability to "turn mountains", this is the realization of a dream.

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