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Carl Lewis: a brief biography of athlete, achievements and stories from life

Carl Lewis is a sprinter and a long jumper. Three times in a row (from 1982 to 1984) was recognized as one of the best athletes of the planet. Seven times became the author of the best result of the season in the long jump and three times - in the races at a distance of 200 meters. In this article you will be presented with a brief biography of the athlete.


Carl Lewis was born in Birmingham in 1961. The boy's family was athletic. My father trained athletes, and my mother was engaged in running for short distances. Therefore, love for sports was instilled in Karl from childhood. He was engaged in athletics, and diving, and American football. In addition to sports, the boy was fond of vocals, dances and music.

At the age of 10, Carl Lewis met in Jesse Owens - the legendary athlete and Olympic champion in 1936. Since then, the boy decided to focus exclusively on athletics. The best results Karl showed in the long jump and in the sprint. Most coaches believed that Lewis should choose only one discipline. But Carl did not want to choose. He decided to become the best in two categories.

Pan-American and Olympic Games

At 18, Carl Lewis became a member of the US team and went to the Pan American Games. Due to the incorrectly published schedule, the young man was late for the long jump competitions. But after the trial was allowed. Of course, the opponents were unhappy, because Karl won, showing the result of 8.13 meters. Lewis was also ready for the assault of the 1980 Olympic Games, but political circumstances deprived him of such an opportunity. The US simply boycotted the Olympics in Moscow.

World Championship

In 1983, Carl Lewis, whose nickname is known to all athletics fans, went to Finland (Helsinki). It was there that the first track and field athletics championship was held. The talented Karl had the opportunity to declare himself as the fastest athlete on the planet. In the end, Lewis won just 3 gold medals: in long jump (8.55), in 100m (10.07) and in the relay 4x100m.

The 1984 Olympic Games

These competitions were the start of the Olympic career of Charles. The athlete won four gold awards at once (200 m - 19.80 s, 100 m - 9.99 s, long jump - 8.71 m, relay 4х100 m). These victories made Lewis a national hero. But it was not the apotheosis of Karl's career, but just a prologue. From 1982 to 1984 he was recognized as the best athlete of the planet.

Conflict with the Federation

In the mid-80's, Carl Lewis quarreled with the leadership of the Athletics Federation. Because of this, he could not take part in national competitions. But this did not stop Lewis from putting in his award money box 1 silver and 2 gold medals at the World Championships in Rome (1987).

The 1988 Olympics

In Seoul, Karl received two gold medals. But he won them not immediately. At a distance of 100 meters, the athlete was overtaken by Ben Johnson. Later, he was caught in the use of doping, and the reward was automatically transferred to Karl. Lewis also won the Johnson Gold Medal from the 1987 World Cup.

3rd World Championship

In 1991, Karl went to the World Championships in Japan. Again, he performed very successfully - 1 silver and 2 gold medals. And in the race for 100 meters the athlete showed a phenomenal for that time result - 9.86 seconds.

Before the Championships, many athletics fans wondered: "Who is better - Carl Lewis or Mike Powell?" The latter, unlike the hero of the article, was engaged solely in long jump. The competition was answered to the question posed. Karl jumped to 8.91, setting a record for the planet. But this did not bring Lewis a victory. Powell walked him by as much as four centimeters.

The 1992 Olympics

In 1992, Carl planned to take part in the Olympics. But the health problems (thyroid gland) did not influence the preparation in the best way. For this reason, Lewis did not qualify in the sprint. But the athlete won gold in jumping and in the relay 4x100 m.

Completion of career

The subsequent years of the competition showed that Lewis Carl, whose biography was described above, is still an ordinary person, not a robot. The indicators of the mature athlete have significantly decreased. But the 35-year-old Carl decided to make the last leap at the 1996 Olympics. Unfortunately, he lost in the sprint, but won in the long jump. This brought him the ninth gold medal. In 1997, Lewis announced his retirement. Now he is engaged in politics, charity and coaching.

Interesting Facts

  • Carl has been a vegan since mid-1990.
  • Lewis is depicted on the postage stamp of 1996 (Azerbaijan).
  • Famous racer of Formula 1 and the world champion of 2008 Hamilton was named in honor of athlete.
  • In 1984, under the number 208 Carla drafted the club "Chicago Bulls" (NBA). A little later, the same club did the Dallas Cowboys (NFL). Lewis never professionally played neither basketball, nor football (American). These honorary elections were held only thanks to the high popularity of Karl after the 1984 Olympics, when the athlete brought the country four gold awards at once.

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