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Shuttle race 3x10: technique of performance, benefit for general physical development

Physical culture as a school subject must comprehensively develop immature children's organisms. Unfortunately, the state of health of students is unfavorable. For example, the indicator of chronic diseases of various forms is growing, a fixed lifestyle leads to the formation of excess weight. Few people understand the importance of physical development, and in fact elementary charging in the mornings can not only cheer, but also improve blood circulation, activate the body and give strength for full-fledged work for the day. And these are not empty words, not motivation for a healthy lifestyle, which most people ignore, brushing aside the standard "I do not have enough time." This is a real fact. People are mostly lazy and do not want to exercise. From this - constant illness and fatigue, which prevent to enjoy life.

But back to physical education. Elementary exercises can greatly affect the activity of the body. It is necessary to practice them regularly or at least several times a week.

Physical culture and attitude to it

The school program for the entire period of study includes many standards for athletics, as well as basketball, volleyball and others. In fact, the lessons are taking into account the available inventory and a full-fledged venue. So, the situation with the aforementioned in most schools in small towns is deplorable. Somewhere better, somewhere worse, but that's not the point. Just the attitude to physical culture in both children and part of teachers is disparaging. They refer to this as a lesson where one can sit and do nothing. No one wants to run and sweat, but everyone wants to be slim and beautiful. Few people think that the elementary shuttle race, the technique of performing which is quite complicated, is used for training football players, boxers, karate players.

This development of the vestibular apparatus, a sense of coordination, dexterity. Although, in fact, it looks simple - run from one to another point several times. With what difficulties arise, you can understand, if you consider in detail, for example, the shuttle race 3х10, the technique of implementation of which is familiar to most students of secondary schools.

Shuttle Run Features

Strange, but some distance of 100 meters is much easier than running 3 times 10 meters. This is due to the nature of the movement during the exercise. On a short stretch the student must accelerate, brake, touch the ground (line, floor, cube), turn around and do it all several more times.

This is a significant burden on the body, in particular the heart, lungs. This exhausts the muscles. It is traumatic, but useful for blood circulation, for coordination. Using for heating 3x10 shuttle race , the technique of which everyone seems to be elementary, you can achieve a lot. But it is necessary to teach children how to properly perform the exercise and fix it in practice.

Components of the "shuttle run" exercises

The technique of execution consists of several points.

1. Preparation:

- determination of the distance, choice of venue, layout of the venue;

- the student's warm-up, the explanation of the technique, the demonstration of the performance by own example.

2. Implementation:

- high start;

- reduced acceleration time;

- braking with the need to touch the ground, the line or to collect a cube;

- a turn with the help of a stopping step used in football, basketball;

- return to the starting point in the same way.

Special attention to the finish line

Running the last segment, the student no longer has to brake, so it will accelerate to finish faster. For starters, as an introduction to this exercise, an ordinary shuttle race 3x10 will do. The technique of execution can be supplemented, it is possible to diversify it. As an option, the number of segments can be added - 5x10, 10x10, the segment itself is enlarged or back run forward is added (for more experienced athletes).

It all depends on the physical preparation of the person performing the exercise, on the risk of injury, on observance of safety techniques and on the imagination of the person who is leading the subject "physical education". Shuttle running mobilizes the entire human body, but can cause serious damage to the legs, hands, other parts of the body.


Naturally, as a component of the subject of physical education must be assessed and shuttle run. The standards differ in the classes and in the sex of the pupils. Shuttle run 3х10, the technique of implementation of which affects the time of the exercise, provides the following standards:

4th grade Grade 5 6th grade 7th grade 8th grade
Girls 9.5-10.8 seconds 8.9-10.1 seconds 8.9-10.0 seconds 8.7-10.0 seconds 8.6-9.6 seconds
Boys 9.0-10.5 seconds 8.5-10.0 seconds 8.3-9.6 seconds 8.2-9.3 seconds 8.0-9.0 seconds

In general, for each of the three segments, an average of no more than three seconds should elapse. Nine seconds to increase the endurance of your body to improve blood circulation and enhance immunity.

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