Masonry mortar - methods of preparation and use

From the mortar, or rather, from its quality, depends on the stove. Components for the mixture are astringents, filler and water. The purpose of the mixture is to tie together individual bricks, blocks or stones. The solutions differ by the quantitative ratio of the filler and the binder. For example, 1: 3 means that you need one part of the binder and three parts of the filler. The solution for laying the furnace can be simple, but can have a complex structure. Complex are called cement-lime, cement-clay, calc-clay mixtures. The solution for laying the furnace can be lean, that is, it has a low strength and plasticity, and is greasy - it has a high plasticity, it cracks up when it dries. Normally, normal mixtures are used in the work, they have medium plasticity, are stable, do not crack and have minimal shrinkage.

Clay mortar

It has one big drawback - it breaks down under the influence of moisture. Because of this, it is used only when erecting a furnace massif, but for a pipe or foundation it is not used. Density of the substance also plays a role in the quality of work. It should not come across lumps, clots or grains, and the consistency should resemble sour cream. Clay mortar for laying brick kiln is prepared according to the scheme: clay and sand are combined in equal proportions or take two parts of sand on one part of clay. Water is a quarter of the volume of clay. If chamotte or refractory blocks are used to build the structure, the components of the mixture will be refractory clay and chamotte.

Lime mixtures

Used in the construction of the foundation under the furnace and the construction of the pipe over the roof. They include: limy dough, sand and water. To make the mortar for laying the stove stronger, cement is added to it. If the mixture is used for plastering, you can add gypsum, it will quickly grasp. The quality of the mortar depends entirely on the lime test, which is obtained from slaked lime. It must be poured with water and kept in the trench pit for a certain time. Lime is slowly extinguishing, middling and quick-dying, and each has its own approach.

Cement solution

It consists of cement, sand and water. This mortar for masonry stoves is the hardest. He can gain firmness both in wet ground and in the air. It is used in the construction of a foundation on such soils and when the pipe is raised above the roof. The cement mortar has the ability to quickly grasp, which is convenient in the work, but if it does not immediately work out, it begins to lose its strength. Strength and compression of the solution is affected not only by the quantitative ratio of the components, but also by the cement brand. The mixture can be difficult if you add lime paste to it, it will not lose its qualities from this. If you have a furnace layout and the necessary material, you can try to build it yourself. The only limitation in this work will be the ability to correctly read the drawings and follow them rigorously.

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