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How to use the "Troika" card? Troika (transport map): reviews

An electronic card of the replenished type, which can be used for traveling on different types of public transport, is the "Troika" card. How much does this analogue of paper tickets cost, can not be unequivocally stated, since the price will depend solely on the number of offers the passenger decided to use. "Troika" provides freedom of movement, helps to cope with many inconveniences. Depending on the specifics of trips to the card, subscription to the train or electronic versions of such programs as "One", "TAT" and "90 minutes" can be recorded.

Where can I use the card?

Considering the question of how to use the "Troika" card, let's pay attention to the fact that it can be used in such types of transport as metro and trams, trolleybuses and buses, suburban electric trains. With each use of the card, an amount equal to the cost of one ticket will be debited from her account. It can be 30 rubles for travel in the metro, 29 rubles for a trip on a tram, a trolley or a bus and 46 rubles for a trip on any transport that is stipulated by the tariff "90 minutes". It is worth paying attention to the fact that the "Troika" card, whose tariffs are very attractive, is initially designed for one passenger. Payment for the card for two people at the same time is not provided. The second fare will be blocked. It is necessary to wait for the interval of payment for travel on the map from 3 minutes to 10.

How much does "Troika" cost?

The card costs 50 rubles. This is not a fare - it's a kind of pledge that is returned to the cardholder in case he does not intend to use it anymore. The functionality of the travel permit allows it to replenish. The funds deposited on the account do not burn out or disappear. You can top up the account for up to three thousand rubles. It is from the introduced amount of funds will be charged for the fare at the main tariff. The limit when replenishing the account for 3 thousand rubles does not exclude the possibility of purchasing such packages as "United" for 5200 rubles and "TAT" for 7300 rubles, which are unlimited. The specificity of using such a travel card as the "Troika" card, the cost of which depends on the package of services, is that money is not deposited before each trip to the account. The owner of the travel card simply buys tickets for the type of transport that he needs, attaching the card to the appropriate terminal, and the prepaid trips themselves are already recorded on the plastic.

Important things to know

In order to understand in detail the question of how to use the "Troika" card, it is worth paying attention to the following points. If there is something wrong with the travel card or it is completely ruined, you need to contact the place of purchase of the latter and change it to a new one. In a situation where the card is not updated in a special machine, it is necessary to write an application and send the plastic for examination through the cashier's subway. We draw attention to the fact that the transport product can be used only within the zone A, which includes the "old" Moscow, Novomoskovsk administrative district. The map is suitable for trips within Zelenograd. Today, it is possible to make plastic connections to universal electronic cards. The good news is that the largest bank in Russia, Sberbank, is preparing new bank cards, to which it will be possible to link the travel card.

Tariff "90 minutes"

One of the most convenient and common tariffs is "90 minutes". We'll figure out how to use the "Troika" card in this tariff plan. Its peculiarity is as follows. In the event that the cardholder uses land transport several times and does not spend more than one time in the subway for 90 minutes, his account is debited 46 rubles, not 30 rubles plus 29 rubles, as per tariffs "TAT" and "United". Plastic automatically selects a tariff automatically if the series of journeys has been carried out within a clearly defined time interval. Tariff "90 minutes" can not be combined with other tariffs, such as "United" and "TAT". The latter, in turn, can be recorded together. If there are two tariff plans on one plastic, when traveling on land transport, tickets will be written off from "TAT" at a price of 29 rubles, and when traveling by metro - from "Edinaya" at a price of 30 rubles.

The term action of plastic

In order to understand how to use the "Troika" card, you need to pay attention to the fact that the plastic has a validity period, after which, in the absence of replenishment, all the trips are burned. Let's consider, what is the period of activity of the travel card:

  • In tariffs "TAT" and "United" with the purchase of up to 2 trips the card will be active for 5 days (with the day of purchase inclusive).
  • Tariff "90 minutes" with 1 or 2 trips will be valid only on the day of sale.
  • The "One" tariff can be issued for 30, 36 and 90 days.
  • Tariff "TAT" can be replenished for 5 trips, 11, 20 and 60 for a period of validity of 30, 90 and 365 days.
  • The tariff "90 minutes", which is issued for 5, 11, 20, 40 and 60 trips, will be active for 90 days.

Features of charges

As for unlimited packages, they can be written to the card one on top of the other - a new payment can be made when the first limit is not yet exhausted. The main thing is that before the deactivation of the card there should be at least 30 days. The "Troika" card, where tariffs differ significantly depending on the package of services offered, can not be used with the expired activity period.

Where to replenish the account and where to check the balance?

Replenishment and verification of the card can be made directly in ticket machines and directly at the cash desks of underground stations. The services are offered in kiosks of the SUE "Mosgostrans" of an automated type. Manipulations with plastic can be carried out in Aeroexpress and in the partners' terminals: Eleksnet and Euro Plat, and Megafon. Check the balance of travel on the map can be by attaching it to the information terminals of yellow color, which are located in the metro lobby. All information, including the validity of the travel card, will be displayed on the terminal screen. You can clarify the balance by contacting technical support in telephone mode. Replenishment, starting in 2014, can be conducted through the official website. The "Troika" card, whose balance can be viewed on the same site, is replenished after filling in the corresponding sections of the menu: "Card number", "Mobile number" and "Amount". Funds can be paid through SMS-service.

Specificity of payment: what should be known to every cardholder

If the "Troika" card, the cost of which depends on the tariff, has not been fully used by the expiration date, you can not pay for the rest of the package of services. Money will have to be credited to the account in one of the available ways in full. Since trips on the map do not burn down, even after the expiry of its term they can be used after the new prepaid tariff is over. Subscriptions that are recorded on plastic, are similar to paper tickets, and the specificity of their use is similar. If, after the expiration of the card's activity period, it is not replenished, all residual trips are simply canceled. "Troika" - a transport card used by many residents of Moscow, can be applied for two tariffs with different cost and different directions of traffic simultaneously. Reuse of the subscription in the same direction is available at intervals of several minutes.

Universal electronic cards and "Troika"

"Troika" is a transport card. It is available in the application format on universal electronic cards, which were issued after April 1, 2013. Travel can be carried out within the limits of the established tariff plans. In order to take advantage of the possibilities of transport plastic through UEC, the "Troika" needs to be replenished in one of the underground cash offices for at least 29 rubles. The operation can be carried out through any ticket machines in the metro. To activate the Troika application on the UEK, no additional manipulation is necessary. The application is automatically activated. If it still turns out to be non-working, help can be provided in any office where universal electronic cards are issued. You can use the full range of possibilities of a plastic transport card through UEM, if you always maintain a positive balance on the travel card.

Advantages of a transport card

One of the most convenient analogues of paper tickets is the "Troika" card. How much is the product, you can find out either on the official website or in the places of its sale. The advantages of plastic were felt by many residents of Moscow. We can say about the following features of the product:

  • Ease of use. Now you do not have to worry about paper tickets, which are easily lost and spoiled, because they will all be in one place, on plastic.
  • The efficiency of the product is determined by the advantageous tariff plans and the ability to pay travel for a certain period of time ahead, thereby solving the transport issue once and for all.
  • With a one-time account replenishment, one of the convenient ways will no longer have to stand at the box office in the queue every day to buy a ticket. Saving time is a significant advantage.
  • The card is completely protected from scammers. Money on the account does not burn. If an amount of 3,000 rubles is paid to the card, it will be canceled after 5 years, provided that it is not fully used.
  • You can bind the card account to the phone number.
  • The mobile application allows not only to check the "Troika" card at any convenient time. It is designed to perform any monetary transactions at any time.
  • To use the card in public transport, it is easy enough to attach it to the turnstile.

Positive statistics, reviews, or How the popularity of the product is growing

The feedback of the cardholders is almost entirely positive. People appreciated the advantages of plastic over tickets. The growing popularity of the relatively new product is also spoken by statistics. So, in 2013, almost immediately after the introduction of plastic, they began to use about 20% of all metro passengers. As early as January 2014, the number of cardholders increased to 1 million 760 thousand people. Demand for plastic is growing steadily because of its functional expansion from month to month. For maximum convenience of the owners of the product, it is already integrated with the bike rental system. The "Troika" card for the train and for other modes of transport will be adapted in the near future to pay for the travel in Aeroexpress and to pay for the parking space. In the future, the product should become universal, adapted to pay for most transport services in the capital. Proposals "for daily trips", "for working hours", "for the weekend", "for long trips" are special programs within the framework of the "Troika" travel. The subway map, in fact, like the exchange of large money, will no longer cause problems. The quality of the innovative product is controversial, since its popularity is growing exponentially.

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