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How to determine the date of birth?

With the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy a woman wonders when the baby will be born. There are several ways to calculate the date of birth, but it is better to do it with the doctor, not yourself.

How to determine the date of delivery for menstruation and ovulation?

Pregnancy occurs when the egg leaves the ovary, but the woman can not know exactly when ovulation occurred only if she did not follow the mature egg in order to become pregnant.

So, it is tentatively assumed that this event occurs on Day 14 (with a cycle of 28 days). According to obstetric calculations, the pregnancy lasts 280 days, that's how much you need to add to the date of ovulation to find out the approximate date of childbirth.

To calculate the date of birth for menstruation, there is a simple formula for Nigel: from the date of the last menstruation, it is necessary to take three months, and then add seven days. Of course, this calculation is approximate, since it is suitable for those with a cycle of 28 days, otherwise the date of delivery can move forward or backward for several days.

How to determine the date of birth by ultrasound?

To determine the day of childbirth, it is better to do pregnancy until 12 weeks. At this time, you can determine the size of the fetus more accurately. By the existing deadline, it is necessary to add missing until forty weeks. At a later time, in every woman, the fetus grows at its own pace, it depends on the individual characteristics of the body and the possible diseases that the woman has. Therefore, in the conclusion of ultrasound (second and third trimester), the gestational age is indicated with an error of 1-2 weeks.

How to determine the date of birth for gynecological and obstetric examination?

By the size of the uterus during the examination for up to 12 weeks, a gynecologist with extensive experience can determine what week of pregnancy the woman is. Then you can add the remaining weeks, then you get the date of birth. At a later time, the increase in the fetus, and, consequently, of the uterus occurs in all individually, so this method becomes unreliable.

Of course, in the second half of pregnancy, you can apply obstetric examination, i.e., to determine the height of the bottom of the uterus, and measure the girth of the abdomen at the level of the navel. For each term there are indicators, knowing what week of pregnancy a woman is, you can determine the date of birth by adding the remaining period. Data can be misinterpreted by an incorrect measurement or pathology, such as low water or polyhydramnios, when the stomach volume does not match the current time.

How to determine the date of birth due to the fetal movement?

It is generally believed that women with the first pregnancy begin to feel the fruit at a period of twenty weeks, and the moths - at a period of eighteen weeks. Accordingly, adding twenty and twenty-two weeks to the date when the first stirring was noticed, you can calculate the day of childbirth. This method can not be considered reliable, since thin women can feel the perturbations much earlier (from sixteen weeks), and full - later (twenty-twenty-two weeks). This is a variant of the norm, but it greatly distorts the calculation of the date of birth.

You should try to make calculations in all possible ways, since it is not possible to calculate the date of birth correctly by the method alone. It should also be borne in mind that a normal pregnancy can last not only exactly forty weeks, but less (thirty-eight) and more (forty-two). Therefore, any calculation will be approximate. The most commonly used are calculations for menstruation and ultrasound. Do not wait too long for a baby to appear on a specific day, as normal birth will begin when the cervix and fruit mature fully.

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