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How to calculate the date of birth?

A modern woman used to plan everything in advance. Even to such a sensitive issue as the birth of a baby, pregnant women come up pragmatically, calculating in all possible ways this cherished day.

How to calculate the date of birth? The answer to this question is simple at the same time, because methods and methods are quite a lot and difficult - because it is almost impossible to know exactly when fertilization took place . In addition, the body of each woman is individual and due to personal characteristics the expected and actual dates of birth may not coincide.

According to medical statements, a pregnancy of 266-294 days is considered normal. And this means that starting from 266 days (38 weeks) after conception, one can expect the birth of a baby. Ideal are the births, which occurred for 40 weeks. By this time the child has already fully formed all the organs and abilities necessary for life outside the mother's body. Childbirth that occurred after 42 weeks, carries a certain threat to the health of both mother and child. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully monitor the timing and in case of "rehashing" it is necessary to consult a doctor for advice.

To calculate the date of birth, you can use several of the most common methods.

Calculation of the date of birth according to the formula of Negele.

A method that is often used by obstetricians. Its essence lies in the fact that by the date of the last before the conception of the months, nine months and seven days are added. That date, which turned out, is considered to be for childbirth. This method loses its relevance if the menstrual cycle exceeds 28 days.

Estimated date of birth based on the day of ovulation

This method is relevant only for women who know exactly when they had ovulation. Basically, conception occurs during the days of ovulation. Therefore, 280 days are counted from this period and the date received is considered the date of birth. For example, you planned a pregnancy - did rapid tests or ultrasound to determine ovulation, therefore, you know exactly the day of its onset. So, using this method you will get accurate results.

Calculation of the date of birth based on ultrasound data

You can use a more modern method and calculate the date of birth by ultrasound. Many call the method of calculation by ultrasound the most accurate of all. But to conduct an ultrasound examination is necessary at 10-12 weeks. It is this period that is most suitable for determining the timing of pregnancy. Paying attention to the size and condition of the uterus, the size of the woman's abdominal cavity, the size of the fetus, the height of the uterine fundus, a specialist can determine a more or less accurate period of pregnancy. At terms that exceed 12 weeks, the data may not be as accurate. After all, the development of the fetus is influenced by genetic and individual characteristics, as a result of which it begins its development according to the personal plan.

Calculation of the date of birth according to the first movement

This method is not very true. Since much here depends on the individual characteristics of the most pregnant. The generally accepted rules are that a pregnant woman first feels the first stirring at week 20. And this means that in order to get the estimated date of birth by the day when the pregnant woman heard the first stirings, it is necessary to add 20 weeks. As for women who have already given birth earlier (mimosa), they feel a stir earlier - about 18 weeks. Therefore, we add 22 weeks to the date of the first stirring.

Calculation of the date of delivery based on the results of the examination by a gynecologist

Calculate the date of delivery can and the gynecologist at the examination. Since 4 weeks, the uterus of a pregnant woman acquires a spherical shape and begins to increase in size. Depending on the size of the doctor puts the gestational age and, accordingly, calculates the approximate date of delivery. The longer the period, the more likely it is to determine the exact date of the forthcoming delivery.

Calculation of the date of delivery for hCG analysis

Many pregnant women give early analysis of hCG. For each term there is a level of hormone hCG in the body, in accordance with these norms, specialists can put the period of pregnancy. But there is one condition here: pregnancy should proceed without complications, otherwise the result will be false.

These are the most common ways to calculate the date of birth. There are others, both medical and folk. But no matter how carefully you calculated this joyful and so desired day, the probability of an exact definition is very small and depends on a variety of individual, environmental and other factors.

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