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"Marvel": Wasp - who is this?

The universe "Marvel" is truly immense. There are thousands of characters in it, one more interesting than another. In this article, we'll talk about a rather interesting heroine, who did not bother to give a place in the Avengers movie team. We will talk about Janet van Dine, who is more known under the nickname "Wasp". Do you want to know more about this character? Then read on.


For the first time, the superheroe, nicknamed "The Wasp", debuts in a comic called Tales to Astonish No. 44. Janet was the daughter of a rich and successful scientist named Vernon van Dine. However, during one of the experiments, Father Janet was killed by a terrible alien monster. The girl was depressed by the death of a loved one, but there was no time for sorrow. The monster was still at large. Janet turns to Hank Pim, who was Vernon's partner. As it turned out, Hank Pym has developed unique particles with which he can change the size of his body. Pym uses these particles on Janet. As a result, the girl finds incredible abilities.

By joining forces, Hank Pim and Janet defeat the monster, sending it to its native dimension. After that, the superhero duo does not stop its activities. Pim and Janet continue to fight the evil together (Man-ant and Wasp). Soon they join the superhero team of the Avengers and together with the Iron Man, Thor and Hulk fight Loki.

Further events

For several years, Janet has been involved in the "Avengers" and is soon becoming their leader. As for her relationship with Hank, then everything is quite difficult and ambiguous. Once upon the Tower of the Avengers attacked the Yellow Jacket, which stated that he had killed Hank Pym (we are talking about the comics "Marvel"). Wasp, in turn, said that she intends to marry him, which caused resentment from other members of the team. However, as it turned out later, under the guise of the Yellow jacket Hank Pim was hiding. He got into an accident, as a result of which he developed schizophrenia. Janet knew about this.

Later, the relationship between the Special and the Person-ants becomes even more intense. Hank got another mental breakdown, so he became paranoid. As a result of such metamorphoses Pym became very rude. Once, in a fit of rage, Pym hit Janet. After that, the couple divorced. However, in a few years Pim's position improved. Therefore, Janet renewed her romantic relationship with Hank.

Mass Events

The Osa, who lives in the comics "Marvel", quite often participates in global events and, as a rule, plays an important role there. For example, during the Secret Invasion, Janet, along with the other Avengers, repulsed the Skrulls attack. She also took a new serum, which gave her Hank Pym. But, as it turned out later, it was one of the Skrull-changers. After the defeat of Queen Veranque, the pseudo-Pim presses the button, which causes Janet to grow uncontrollably in size. This leads to the fact that the heroine "Marvel", the Wasp, turns into a real biological bomb. In order to save the Earth, Thor makes a difficult decision. He kills Janet, thus saving her from suffering.

Hank Pym, in turn, is hard at death of his wife. In order to somehow ease the pain from loss, he puts on the cloak of his deceased spouse and for some time works under the pseudonym "Wasp".

Powers and abilities

Perhaps, the main ability of Janet is to change the size. A girl from the universe "Marvel", Wasp, is capable of both reducing and increasing the size of her body. This force is given by a special substance called "Pima's Particles", developed by her husband, for a long time, Janet could only use her powers under the influence of the substance, but because of the frequent use her body structure has changed and due to this the Wasp can change Dimensions of the body as desired, without any auxiliary means.

Also, do not forget about the implanted wings, thanks to which the Wasp can fly at a speed of 40 miles per hour. However, it can only use its wings when its growth does not exceed 4 inches.

Another ability is the so-called Sting of the Wasp. Janet can generate special energy impulses that can penetrate even concrete. Initially, Janet wore a special device that created energy for the pulse. But later, due to the effects of Pim's particles, she was able to create energy explosions herself.

Marvel: The Wasp in Ultimate

In the Universe "Ultimate" the image of Janet was radically changed: she is a mutant. Her abilities consist in the ability to decrease and the ability to create an organic sting. However, the reverse side of the coin is the laying of the larvae, as the real wasp does. Among other things, the authors decided to change the nationality of the character. So, in "Ultimate" Janet is an Asian. However, there were unchanged moments. For example, Janet is also married to Hank Pim. In addition, she is a member of "Altimites" (local analogue of the "Avengers").

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