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Honored Artist of Russia Andrei Makarevich: what happened to him in 2014-2015?

If before Andrei Makarevich was known as the soloist of the group "Time Machine" and the former leader of the culinary show "Smak", today this person is more associated with politics than with music. The blame for all is the civic position of the singer in relation to the conflict in Ukraine.

Andrei Makarevich and his civic position

After the bloody events in Ukraine in late 2014, many public figures and just famous people did not stand aside, but spoke in support of, or, conversely, condemned the "Maydan". One of these people was the leader of the "Time Machine" Andrei Makarevich. What happened to him, no one understood, but it turned out that the singer of the Russian stage and the People's Artist of Russia considered the country in which he lives an aggressor, and people for whom he sings - nomads, a zombie mass.

After a number of statements of the singer, the society stirred up. It would seem, why the opinion of some person, let and known, so polarized people? Simple Russians and show business stars at some point divided into fans and opponents of the singer. On the Internet even a petition appeared demanding to deprive Andrei Makarevich of all state awards and titles.

The civic position and opinion of the singer have not changed. He continues to support the coup d'état in Ukraine and the new government. The singer condemned Russia's annexation of the Crimea. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that Mr. Makarevich condemned attempts to ban the Russian language in Ukraine and the demolition of monuments of the Soviet era.

Life and Creativity in 2014

In connection with the events that occurred in the neighboring state, the singer's activity grew into a socio-political one. He attended the "Peace March" and rallies in support of Ukraine, gave interviews on radio channels, conducted his own blog. As for the music, the singer performed in Slavyansk, but somehow Russia did not ask for concerts. Many fans began to wonder where Andrey Makarevich disappeared, what happened to him after open criticism of the authorities.

Indeed, many solo concerts of the singer (and the "Time Machine") in Russia were canceled. And at one of the events in Moscow, in the House of Music, during the performance of the singer by unknown activists, pepper gas was sprayed. The concert was disrupted, the responsibility for the incident was assumed by the members of the Other Russia organization.

The matter did not end there. In the State Duma, United Russia deputy Yevgeny Fedorov wanted to push through the law on depriving people of the anti-Russian stance of state awards.

On the Internet a group was formed, collecting signatures for the deprivation of the singer of all titles and awards. Opponents of the main "machinist" of the country were such prominent public and cultural figures as Iosif Kobzon, Nikita Mikhalkov, Iosif Prigozhin and many others. In response, the fans of the singer and the people who share his public position decided to address the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin with a request not to deprive the singer of awards. Andrei Makarevich was supported by such artists as Alla Pugacheva, Oleg Basilashvili, Leonid Yarmolnik and others.

But the singer and leader of the Time Machine, being a brave man, decided to stand up for himself and addressed himself directly to Mr. President in an open letter. The reaction could be different. The response from the administration was received immediately. The singer was informed that the head of the country does not influence the public opinion, this is not "harassment" of the singer, but simply the attitude of people towards the situation. Fans worried about how to act Andrei Makarevich. What happened to him after the open letter? Public censure really stopped and all the "popular" indignation came to naught.

Events of 2015

This year the persecution of the main rocker of the country continued. This is reflected in the cancellation of concerts in Russia. Although the official Kremlin declares that it has nothing to do with the situation around the singer's creative activity.

In February and March, concerts around the Russian cities were planned. Andrei Makarevich played in Moscow in the club format. Then there were concerts in Haifa, Tel-Aviv and Ashdod. In March, a tour of Ukraine was planned, but it was postponed. The singer referred to the need for medical procedures.

This year, Andrei Makarevich, whose personal life became the property of the whole country, did not stand out with loud statements, although the position of the singer did not change.

The year 2015 was marked by another bright event for the singer. Makarevich sued the publicist Alexander Prokhanov and won. The journalist said that Makarevich in Svyatogorsk acted in the military unit, motivating the military to attack Donetsk. The star claimed that he spoke to teenage refugees from Lugansk and Donetsk.

The Andrei Makarevich Group

Last year, "Time Machine" celebrated its 45th anniversary. The team is still working, writing new compositions.

In February 2015, fans of the group were shocked by the unpleasant news about the disintegration of the collective against the backdrop of political disagreements. Although the official site of the singer denied this information, calling the message that appeared in the press, gossip. Now the "Time Machine" has one general concert planned. The remaining projects the musicians are developing solo.

Andrey Makarevich: albums

During his creative career, Andrei Makarevich performed and wrote thousands of songs. As the singer himself admits, after his "official" persecution, his popularity and "Time Machine" increased several times. Despite the reduced number of concerts in his native country, at all events with the participation of Makarevich always sold out.

To date, in the piggy bank of the singer 12 solo albums. Now he is actively writing songs for his new album. So fans can not worry about where Andrei Makarevich is, he's just absorbed in the creative process. The singer almost completely disappeared from the TV screens and rarely gives interviews.

Future plans

In this year 2015, the artist plans to perform in several cities in Germany and Ukraine. He is also an active participant in the socio-political life of his native country.

In general, life is not only creative, but also social boils. So the singer's fans may not worry about where Andrei Makarevich disappears, what happened to him after the latest events. The musician has already stated that the GP has discredited himself and most likely he will leave the party.

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