An overview of the programs that will answer the question of how to trim a video and edit a fragment

Today, everyone can take pictures of any part of their lives: a momentous event, a curiosity, a sports match or whatever. But then the question arises as to how to edit the video. Since the full movie will be interesting only to the author, and then the first couple of times. After that, only interesting and worthwhile fragments will be important. For easy viewing, you need to crop the video, edit the piece and mount it into a new video.

How can I trim a video?

You can find many video editors as paid (and trial version), and free. But on what program to stop? Or use a built-in Windows editor? With most tasks, he will cope, but for serious or amateur editing you need something more functional and powerful.

Sony Vegas

A great choice for both amateurs and professionals. This program will help to easily cut the film and mount a new video. To the great advantage of this video editor is a nice (quite home) and intuitive user interface.

But for a serious deepening in semiprofessional editing it is necessary to read the instruction or to look at the lessons, which are full on the Internet. There you will find the answer to the question about how to trim a video, how to add an effect, or increase the playback speed of a fragment and much more. Indeed, the capabilities of Sony Vegas are huge.

Having glanced immediately to the working area of the program, you can see three tracks for adding audio and video. In them, and all the work will be done: adding effects (which are more than 200), you can trim a movie or audio track, create subclips, and so on. Everything is accessible and very clear. But for a beginner editor, the abundance of settings and tabs can show complex and redundant for easy editing. This video editor is an excellent assistant in any task: from the simplest - cutting video, to complex - a beautiful commercial or wedding.

Adobe Premiere

One of the most popular editing programs, which has its good functionality, but loses in the user interface. You will not have any questions about how to edit the video when you get used to this editor and understand how convenient the implementation is for such a multifunctional product.

Features: there is no limited number of tracks (audio, video) for editing, there is no possibility to add voice notes, wide mixer settings, ready-made video clips with pre-installed effects, there are no transitions and additional utilities that greatly facilitate the work with video.

Video pad

A free product that will easily help you answer the question: "How to crop video?". He weighs very little, but at the same time he has the functionality of large colleagues and easily copes with the tasks set. Supports all common video and audio formats.

The program interface is very simple and not cluttered with unnecessary elements. To master the video editing and work in the video editor, it is more than suitable. Important: the program language is English. All the functionality is very similar to other programs for video editing and editing. For convenience of work there is a possibility of using hot keys. A choice only for the lover of simple programs in all aspects and relationships.


The most famous and free video editor working with all video and audio formats. The best option for simple editing, as well as for converting video. The simple functionality of the program is expanded by a large number of powerful plug-ins that add excellent filters for processing and transition effects. Advantages: simplicity, fast work, quality.

I hope that we answered the question: "How to crop the video?".

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