Analgesic tablets 'Sedalgin'. Instruction for use, description

This publication offers our readers a description of a medicinal product with an analgesic effect. This is the Sedalgin tablet. The instruction calls them a combined drug with the above properties. The medicine described in the article enjoys considerable popularity among consumers for decades.

To date, the preparation "Sedalgin" composition is as follows: Codeine 0.01 g, Phenobarbital 0.025 g. We did not accidentally put the strongest substances in the composition of this preparation in the first place . Codeine, as is known, is an alkaloid of opium and a narcotic drug, and phenobarbital is a potent hypnotic. Nevertheless, the adaptation with the correct application of this combination drug is almost non-existent.

As for the other active ingredients in the preparation "Sedalgin", the instruction for use reports: Acetylsalicylic acid - 0.2g, phenacetin - 0.2g and 0.05g caffeine. In addition to analgesic, the drug under consideration has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect.

What are the indications for taking Sedalin? Instructions for use recommend it for various pains, including dental, muscular and joint pain. Also, the medicine is prescribed as a temperature lowering agent; With neuralgia, migraine, radiculitis, neuritis. The form of release - tablets in packages of ten tablets.

How to apply the medication "Sedalgin"? The instructions for use give the following recommendations: to obtain a faster therapeutic effect, the tablets can be grinded into a powder, taken inside and washed with water. Usually assigned to 1,2 tab. Drugs up to three or, if necessary, up to four times a day. The maximum single dose is recognized as two tablets of the medication "Sedalgin".

Instructions for use of this medication report possible side effects and complications when taking the drug. At the same time, as noted above, with proper application and short duration of treatment using this drug, not only addictive, but also other undesirable side effects occur infrequently or, rather, are absent.

If the above dosage of the preparation "Sedalgin," is exceeded, the instructions for use warn of the possibility of discomfort in the stomach, the presence of depressed, anxious condition, pain and nausea. Cases of pathologies of blood, allergies, renal pathologies were recorded. Also noted was drowsiness, the development of increased fatigue, anxiety, increased irritability.

There are specific contraindications, which should be taken into account when prescribing "Sedalgin" tablets. Instructions for use strongly does not recommend the use of them for ulcerative lesions of the stomach and duodenum (12 duodenum). The same applies to the prescription of the drug to patients who have reduced blood coagulability or have kidney pathologies, a tendency to drug allergies.

Intolerance to any active ingredient in the Sedalgin tablets is a contraindication to their use. In particular, we are talking about phenacetin and acetylsalicylic acid. Contraindications for bronchial asthma. Pregnant is not prescribed in the first months, and also in the subsequent period of breastfeeding. Long-term therapy with the use of this drug in some cases provoked the development of dysfunction of the kidneys, the liver. In the same cases, when the use of the Sedalgin drug was stopped, the so-called "withdrawal syndrome " was observed , which manifested itself mainly in the appearance of a headache.

The drug is part of the "B" group and is a potent drug, therefore this publication can not in any way serve as a substitute for medical advice. Good health, we wish!

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