"Donormil": a lethal dose - is it possible?

To say that a person's life depends on the thought of the Supreme Being makes sense only to those who really believe in this force, regardless of how it will be called. For all modern religions, suicide is a mortal sin, regardless of whether it uses carbon monoxide or the Donomil drug. The lethal dose of this sufficiently innocuous and affordable drug is so great that a person will soon have numerous side effects or vomiting as a protective reaction, than the expected result will be obtained.

Medicinal preparation "Donormil" - on what is its effect based?

Of course, our people are resourceful and try to use various drugs as a means for painless withdrawal from reality, trying to turn the unwanted side effect of the drug into the desired result. But the drug "Donormil", whose lethal dose is not one, not two, or even three standard packs, is not a sedative or a tranquilizer. This drug refers to antihistamines - drugs that are primarily used to treat allergies. The drug "Donormil" has the property to eliminate spasms of any smooth muscles and inhibit the activity of the cerebral cortex, and due to this, normalize the process of falling asleep.

Accordingly, tablets "Donormil", whose side effects fully correspond to the undesirable effects of other drugs of this group, cause severe and painful vomiting when taking a very large dose. It is very difficult to suppress it, so an excessive amount of the drug will inevitably be excreted from the body with vomit.

How should I take Donormil tablets correctly?

By prescribing this drug, the doctor necessarily emphasizes that it is undesirable to exceed the maximum daily and single dose, which is 2 usual or instant Donogormil tablets. And the reason here is not even that exceeding the dosage threatens the patient's life - it is much more realistic to get such symptoms as overexcitement of the nervous system, anxiety, hypersensitivity to sounds or other external stimuli. A person does not have the desired dream - on the contrary, a condition resembling the sensations that are characteristic of the intake of excessive amounts of stimulants of the nervous system, for example, caffeine or theophylline.

In addition, when using this hypnotic, it should be remembered that the effect of the drug Donormil, whose lethal dose, of course, depends on the patient's age and condition, the time of drug use, is explained, rather, by the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the internal organs and the elimination of the internal Tension, than depression of activity of a cortex of a brain. Neither the drug Donomil, produced by one of the largest pharmaceutical concerns in the world, nor its analogues change the structure of sleep, do not affect the duration and phase change - it makes it easier to fall asleep, but if there is an organic reason provoking insomnia, there will be no improvement. A person will wake up in a very short period of time and come to the doctor with complaints about the ineffectiveness of the prescribed treatment.

Of course, like all medicines admitted to the drugstore counters, the DonorMil drug was tested. The lethal dose of the medication was tested in experimental animals (with a dose of active substance per kilogram of live weight), but it is almost impossible to accept it even for suicidal purposes. That's why the drug from pharmacies is released without a doctor's prescription.

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