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Can I get pregnant with a condom? Questions and answers.

Can I get pregnant with a condom or with another contraceptive? This issue is troubling many young women who do not yet plan the birth of a child. In this article, we will consider in what situations this is possible and why.

No contraceptive guarantees 100% protection from pregnancy. The barrier method is in the fifth place after a spiral, sterilization and hormonal contraceptives. It happens that a couple uses a condom, but the girl still becomes pregnant. The reason is misuse. Detailed instructions can be found on the package or in the insert. Let's list the actions that can lead to an unwanted pregnancy due to improper use of the condom.

1) Use of an incorrect lubricant that corrodes latex.

2) Dressing a condom during intercourse, but not before it.

3) Secondary use of a condom.

4) Wearing a contraceptive is not the size of the penis.

5) Slipping of the product during intercourse.

6) Use the product after expiry date.

Can I get pregnant with a condom? Uniquely, such a probability exists. Scientists say that when using this contraceptive, conception can occur in 98 cases out of a hundred. And this happens because friction causes small stretches, the condom breaks, and spermatozoa penetrate the vagina and fertilize the egg.

Many couples are interested in whether it is possible to fly with a condom. To increase the reliability of the condom, you should use a special lubricant and before using make sure the integrity of the package. When opening the package, do not use sharp objects, teeth, nails, because the integrity of the product may be compromised, which will lead to conception. The shabby appearance of the package indicates that the condom itself is damaged.

Is it possible to get pregnant with a condom that is "inside out"? Completely, because in this case, rubbing can occur faster, which means that the protection is very small. How to check if the condom is correctly worn? If difficulties arise when putting on, the product unwinds, and during use the man experiences uncomfortable sensations - hence, the contraceptive is not dressed on the wrong side. You can not change a condom - it's better to throw it out and put on a new one.

In order not to wonder whether it is possible to conceive with a condom, it is best to use several means at once - for example, spermicide lubricant and condom, candles and a condom or an intrauterine device and a condom in order to exclude infection and pregnancy.

Can I get pregnant with a condom that has been used in several sexual acts? Of course! One condom should be used only for one coitus. Also, the probability of conception is great if the partner was too excited, and when putting on the product a few drops hit the outside of the rubber band.

If the couple correctly uses a condom, the chance of becoming pregnant can be 2% of 100. But if the mistakes described above are possible, then the possibility rises to 50%. In order to avoid unpleasant incidents, it is worthwhile to have sex with trusted partners. Condoms, however, are best bought in a pharmacy, not in shops, although in stalls prices for condoms can be several times less than pharmacy points. But do not economize on your own health, so you should check whether there is an icon on the package of mandatory certification. If not, it may well be that the product was manufactured in "semi-basement" conditions, which means that it is not safe to use it.

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